Daniel Graversen Gold contributor on SAP Community Network

It is a great honor that founder Daniel Graversen have been award the gold status of SAP community Network. The main parts of the points have been because of comments around the SAP Process Integration (PI) area. Now next goal must be to get to platinum status. It will require a lot of extra posts, that I have to make.

Figaf launches new Product: SAP PI archiving

We are proud that it is finally possible to show our newest product. The SAP PI archiving solution. helps when you are going to archive your incoming or outgoing EDI documents to a PIArchive.

It is really easy to setup, so you can get started immediately.

The price is €4000 so it is really cheap compared to a lot of other SAP PI solution. We are just focusing on creating a lot bigger market for the solution.

If you have any comments please post them or write us at