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We dont need this java on PI

I was working with a client doing Bank (BCM) integration on the SAP PI platform. Everything was going well. Then I got into a talk around if we could get rid of this Java thing. Then I had a small issue… Since my focus was to make everything in the integration layer as simple as […]

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OptimizedPress new version? Is it worth to upgrade?

If you have noticed that OptimizePress has introduced a brand new variation of its broadly well-liked web page builder then you are correct. Will probably be called OptimizePress 2 OptimizePress 2 Features This new website builder can make it super easy for people to accomplish duties that may have taken them hours to do or […]

IFG Survey 2013

Hi I’m helping responses to the International Focus Groups survey around SAP PI for 2013. You can participate in the survey by filling out the response just bellow. The sooner the better. It will take around 10-15 minutes. You can learn more about the survey at http://scn.sap.com/community/pi-and-soa-middleware/blog/2013/05/03/global-survey-for-sap-netweaver-process-integration-2013 SAP is using this data to make the PI […]