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SAP PI documentation kit

It may not have been something that we have promoted a lot from this page. We have created the SAP PIArchitecture page where we will deliver different products relating to how organizations use SAP PI. We plan to make more products availed in that space. The current project that we are promoting is the SAP […]

Why SAP PI is ideal for business integration

At Figaf we use most of the time developing interfaces using SAP PI (Previous Exchange Infrastructure XI). The biggest reason to use SAP Process Integration (PI) anywhere is that it is rather quick to develop and get an interface up and run. This makes it quite ideal for prototyping. Within a day it is possible […]

New Gartner report on SAP Process Integration

Last year Gartner did not believe that SAP Process Integration, was a product to use. There was not enough use case and focus on PI as an Enterprise Service Bus. There was a lot of talk from SAP stating that the conclusion of from Gartner was wrong. There was no way to change the rapport. […]