SAP Process Integration course

SAP Process Orchastration logoSAP has been working on Process Orchestration(PO) for the last couple of years. I can see more and more companies wanting to move that infrastructure to that instead of the dual stack  Process Integration(PI) system. The Process Orchestration have many advantages, but mostly performance and flexibility.

To help customers be able to migrate easily to PO, Figaf has created a new product. This product is about helping companies learning SAP PO. This is the first process orchestration course targeted at PI developers. They will be able to pick up the skills much faster, and use the platform optimally.

The product consist of videos, that show how to create the most basic patterns in process orchestration. This teaching how BPMN works and how to integrate it process integration. It also covers building blocks as mappings and gates.

The other part of the course is interviews with experts. I have interviewed different experts, who have been using PO for appeared of time. This has given some good tips, on what other people have been using. It is therefore easy for students to learn from their advice, so they don’t have to make the mistakes themselves.

I’m thrilled that this product is now on the market, and I’m looking forward to see what all the customers will say around it. You can check out the costs under that

You can check out the cost and the content on the website If it is something for you and if it will help your company.

Challenging the use of ccBPM

Today I had a discussion with one of the pupils on teaching on how to create a scenario from SAP PI. From his initial description of the business process was something like, “get a idocs update database of the idocs update Send the stages documents to a receiving system and he did not have the idea of how you could use that rather using a ccBPM from a receiving platform there must be a simple approach rather than using a ccBPM platform one of the cons is that you will be set-up a weekly maintenance for this platform to work.

In some case it’s possible that you could create a same solution without BPM using simple tools like integrated configuration and adapt of modules something like this that will make it much easier to maintain afterwards will it take more time and effort and creating all the expense. So I said you need to find a solution without a BPM for this and then he was able come up with an idea and sending it to 3 recipients and after he consider it was as important if all the messages was delivered in that order. If we want to deliver it in the same order the solution would be to create a BPM and then send all the messages on the same system and then create ISO in the interface tab and select an order and it will resolve the issue and we will be able to create all the messages as they expected.

My learnings from this issue is that challenging the belief that there is only solution for a complex scenario, you always need to figure out what is the solution for that kind of scenario and analyzing the it would be beneficial.

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Getting AWS SAP PO system back online

I had an issue today. I was doing a performance test on my new SAP PI adapter for Swift SAA SOAP. I was processing 8000 messages with a lot of logging and attachments. Which was probably not a good idea to test on the system. I was using SAPs Amazon Webservices (AWS) cloud image or a SAP PI / SAP PO system, it is intended to learn on.

I guess that you first learn it when it is too late.

I had to search for how to solve the issue, but I could not find it. I had to figure it out my self and I’ll share it.

I’m not a database expert and I’ll not in any way recommend using the approach on a productive system. I don’t even know if it is a good idea to do on my AWS image. But it solved my issues so I guess that I just need to back up my development, so I can recover data on a separate system.

The first thing I noticed was that no messages was process. I thought that it was my adapter, which did not work as expected and a thread or memory leak. So I tried to restart the system. Then I could not the J2EE server to start. I got the following view in the SAP system administration.

I guess was that the issue had something to do with the database MaxDB. There was not delivered any visual administration tools with t he installation. Only some command line interfaces. Which is a bit difficult to get to use if you don’t know them. That is why I love GUIs for databases. They are much better at giving you information on where you need to change.

I had to search for a GUI to MaxDB but found on at

Installing the tool was no problem. The issue was to find the database username and password. I just had to connect to C73 with user Superdba and password Abcd1234

I have done two different things to get database online again. I guess both of the will work seperatly.

The first was to select overwrite of the log. This is done from Configuration > Log Settings >Select Overwrite Mode for Log Area

This option may have caused me to swift the database to administration mode, but since it was not online it was no problem.

I also tried to add more log space. I guess that this just mean that I’ll get the issue later.

I must have messed up something in the MaxDB gui, sometime the gui fails to retrieve some tables.

For now my PO system is running again and I can restart my testing and developing my SAP PO Course.

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We dont need this java on PI

I was working with a client doing Bank (BCM) integration on the SAP PI platform. Everything was going well. Then I got into a talk around if we could get rid of this Java thing.

Then I had a small issue… Since my focus was to make everything in the integration layer as simple as possible and be able to upgrade it. So it would be possible to go to the single stack.

The claim was fair enough that the bank department did not have enough skills on the Java to support a lot of java code. There was enough ABAP developers around, because they had worked with ABAP for 5+ years. They had the skills for coding and supporting ABAP, in that perspective it was much easier for him and the team to support it.

The same does I see when I do consulting with smaller clients, where they only have a basis or an ABAP developer to handle the PI as a side project. How many things can you handle and support before it is too much.

They seem to have gotten the idea that SAP was moving away form Java. So all business logic from SAP will be in ABAP. They thought of this because of the Oracle acquisition of Sun. My comments was that in my view SAP was still investing heavily in Java both for the PI/PO and for the cloud applications.

I recorded this video around the issue.

I think we got to an agreement on what should be different. The big issue was about maintain lookup values for the business. Most of the values should be maintain on the ERP system, which is not a complete goodbye to the Java stack.

And ABAP mappings was never in the scope.

I still think it is a valid point, what are you required to now inhouse before you can maintain a SAP PI system. Do you need to be PI certificed or can you just have some skills in debugging and monitor the PI system?

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