Ondemand BAM

Figaf is working with developing a service to give users an overview of how the processes are running.

We believe that it should be easy to getting started with monitoring processes. We know that there are a lot of really nice BPM suites, ie. SAP’s Galaxy/BPM. To get started with using this products for orchrastrating processes requires a lot of effort.

With our service it is easy to start getting log data from the process. If it is something that you would considerer for your company please send a mail to info@figaf.com, and we will find a setup which fits you. We would like to hear what you think about the idea.

For more information about the service see http://www.odmbam.com/

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The PI Documenter services has been upgraded

The PI document services have been upgraded. The upgrade contains support for user defined functions (UDF), so it is possible to see where the UDFs have changed.

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PI documenter tools release as open source

The PI documenter PHP library has been released as open source.  This is due to the fact that many have asked for a way to run the documentation tool at their own PCs. There are still some bugs in the software that we will work on resolving, but we felt like it was better to make a release now than wait to everything was perfect.  A new release will solve those problems.

For more information see the products page.

Or see more about why this service has been released as open source at SDN.

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PI Diff have been improved

The Diff tool has been improved so it should be easier to find the differences in mapping. There has been added an auto filter and the change column has been moved to the first column instead.

It is now possible create Excel 2003 compared documents.

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New PI Diff tool

The new mapping diff tool has been published. The tool uses the technology from the documentation template but makes it easy to compare two different mappings. See more at the PI-diff tool page.

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