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Large companies and organizations have used the Figaf tools for many years. Hear what some of our customers say.

SAP PI testing with Mark Oshifeso

It was a great pleasure having Mark Oshifeso on the sixth episode of the Integration Podcast. Mark was one of the first users of the Integration Regression Tool for SAP PI/PO (Figaf DevOps Tool). Mark works for a mid-size oil and gas producer based in Texas, and he and his team found out, that using Figaf DevOps Tool made it a lot easier to do upgrades of the SAP PI/PO system. The interview is interesting because Mark Oshifeso has some great insights from a customer point of view.

The episode was called How to automate SAP PI/PO testing with Mark Oshifeso from Anadarko Petroleum.

You don´t need to be a scientist

By using Figaf DevOps Tool Mark Oshifeso was able to test much faster.

“The tool is crazy easy to use. It is another generation from the usually SAP-tools, you list your iFlows, you mark those ones, you press record, and it is basically listening to messages in for example production. Once you have done that, you can run your test cases” Mark says and continue:

“The IRT tool helped us run a test circle with almost no human interaction, and we are now in the situation that we upgraded our production based on the automated testing, and we are hoping now to move from a 2-3 years cycle to a 6-month circle.”

Our ambition at Figaf is to create and keep on developing on the tool, so it is easy to use even in companies with many interfaces. Mark Oshifeso agrees that the tool gives a great overview in the process of the testing:

“It is easy to use, you don´t need to be a scientist, and this is really why we were able to introduce the tooling into our landscape of 300 interfaces. Some companies have more than 20.000 interfaces,
and if you have a large number of interfaces you need to have an easy tool. The tool helped us automate the test. The tool is really intuitive.”

“With IRT tool there is a very fast learning curve, and if another person takes over, you have people quickly getting familiar with this tool. There is no science, which is also why we choose it.”


There is no waiting anymore

What we want at Figaf is to give people a chance to optimize their workflow by using automated testing. And fortunately Mark Oshifeso thinks, that we have achieved this:

“The tool it selves is very speedy to use. There is no waiting anymore. The tool is really great to help facilitate, save money and especially save so many hours. The figaf tool is the most holistic approach, and easy to get everything set up, I don´t see anyone else so far on the market”, he says and finishes:

“I can really recommend this tool, if you want to go to automated testing, this is one of the tools
I would really look into.”

Here you can find the podcast: How to automate SAP PI/PO testing with Mark Oshifeso from Anadarko Petroleum.

As you can see Mark Oshifeso had great success using the tool. Since the interview was made more features have come to Figaf DevOps Tool, so it is even more easy to use today.

Regression testing with Pieter Atling

Pieter Atling worked on the SAP PI/PO and webMethods upgrade at AkzoNobel. As the test manager Pieter executed several kinds of testing including regression testing. At the beginning of the project, Pieter was asked to find a tool that could handle some automated testing. you can hear the podcast here.

A need for automated testing

This time we’re joined by Pieter Atling who recently worked on the SAP PI/PO and webMethods upgrade at AkzoNobel As the test manager Pieter executed several kinds of testing including regression testing. At the beginning of the project, Pieter was asked to find a tool that could handle some automated testing.

At AkzoNobel testing middleware is a huge task as this is for most of the companies. Over the last couple of years many interfaces have been implemented. The company uses SAP PI mainly for application to application A2A interfaces. Pieter says:

“We have aprox. 500 interfaces that are running over these systems. So AkzoNobel really needs something that is able to do automated tests, to improve the overall quality of the system and to reduce the amount of work that has to be done by the users.”

Pieter follows:

“I have seen a lot of presentations from you and I did already from an early stage know that you were busy with a regression test tool.” 

Pieter downloaded one of the earliest versions of Figaf DevOps Tool to implement regression testing.

Besides regression testing with the Figaf DevOps Tool also end-to-end testing is done to make sure the interface is working as it should work. The expectation is that with the help of the tool upgrades could be done more frequently so that only regression tests have to be done combined with some manual testing done by the technical teams and that the user is not involved or just limited involved. But Pieter thinks as the use of this tool becomes more commonplace there will be more confidence in it’s use.

The approach how regression testing is done with Figaf DevOps Tool, is more or less the same as the approach followed for regression the webMethods platform that is also used by AkzoNobel.

Without a good testing tool SAP PI problems can become a bottleneck

Pieter feels the tool is really useful for fast growing companies who depend on SAP PI for their delivery process. Without a good regression testing tool problems with SAP PI can become a bottleneck. Convincing the development team to use the Figaf DevOps Tool was fairly easy because of it’s ease of use.

Pieter Atling, SAP expert, AkzoNobel

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