Being a freelancer or contractor means that you have to learn a lot other skills than you would have as a normal employee in a company. As a freelancer you have a lot of other benefits than other people don’t get. I have created a checklist that will guide you thru some of the important decisions that you must take to be a good freelancer.  The report is free but if you really start to use it, it will save you many months of work and allow you to be even more successful as a freelancer much faster. The check list seems to work in all areas were you are dealing with IT and Business so it is not just in the SAP space that it works. It is also around topics as Microsoft, I have many friends who also work as freelancer with Microsoft.


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You can also read my blog where I’m writing about how to become a better freelancer. Then check out  here I will cover thought when I’m getting new projects and interaction with other people.