On this site you will find explanations on the most important features the Integration Regression Tool contains.


  • SAP has released the PIT tool to make a test on SAP PI/PO. You will be able to reuse your IRT test cases in the PIT tool
  • Use Figaf IRT to check out which message mappings you have test cases that cover
  • An automated approach to collect test data from the production system, so you can create all tests cases for your system
  • Support SAP PI/PO 7.31 – 7.5, Cloud Integration
  • Able to run without installation on the SAP PI/PO system using standard logging from SAP
  • For improved performance, testing options, a module can be installed that will make the testing faster and support more patterns
  • Testing all modules, routing, and mappings for all of your messages
  • Test both new development, upgrades and migration with one system
  • Comparing with the most used integration formats. XML, JSON, EDIFACT,X12,Text and Binar
  • Visual comparison of documents to easily find the changes between documents
  • Support document comparison of up to 100Mb
  • Dataanymization for XML messages so you can test with even the most sensitive data
  • Integration with your existing test scripts on increase testing of the interfaces


  • Test coverage of SAP PI. We have added an option to support your SAP API management fully lifecycle
  • Track all development and changes in your landscape
  • Easily view all the differences between all object like message mappings or communication channels
  • Automatic documentation of changes, so you always know what is being changed
  • Logging the development changes on your system together with your Service Request, Tickets or Request For Change, so you get precise information and audit trail of changes on the system
  • Document the test performed in an Excel format that shows what is tested
  • Make documents that show the precise change history of all changes to an interface. No more out of data Word Documents without change history
  • SAP PI/PO Used message mapping
  • Features full API to give you access to run all requests
  • Webhooks to trigger information to send information to your ticket system


  • CPI Monitoring status of your instance
  • For CPI can transport individual iflows across your landscape
  • For PI handle CTS+ Transports and add them to a ticket, so you know what is transported in the process
  • Configuration of PI channels across the landscape, so developers do need access to the production system.
  • Control all configurations of iflows and PI channels in the landscape so once an object is transported the correct values will be used
  • Have an integrated tool that enables you to monitor the full interface development lifecycle
  • Test all the interfaces that are affected by a change in a message mapping or a user-defined function(UDF)
  • Validate transports to ensure that everything works, after transport have been imported
  • Speedup your change management procedures by adding


  • Log Standard SAP PI/PO alerts so you know what has happened on your system
  • Setup custom filters for SAP CPI logging so you can log messages with error or message with specific receiver/sender information
  • Setup rules for each alert type to understand
  • Automate processing of alerts, so you can inform the business if master data is wrong for a Purchase Order, without involving the SAP Integration in the process
  • Easy access to payloads from failed CPI messages, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time to find the relevant information


  • Easy installation running on any PC with a native database
  • Run on Oracle, MSSQL, DB2, and the free PostgreSQL
  • Scale to be able to run in clusters for the most requiring test and comparisons
  • No installation required on the SAP PI system, to allow easy start
  • Simple start page that allow access to all your SAP Integration systems