Do you want to reduce the time spent on support?

The Figaf Support Optimizer Tool helps you get a better understanding of what is going on in your SAP PI/PRO landscape. It gives you an easy way to track occurring errors, therefore you can see how many errors you are getting a day, and you can find out which type of errors you are receiving. To help the support process, there is an easy way to create rules for errors, so that other developers can follow the same procedure to fix the problem.

With the Support Optimizer Tool you can fix the errors in your system landscape faster, so other people in the organization aren’t left waiting for them to be fixed.


Tracking that lets you know which errors occur on which interfaces

24/7 support

24/7 support — you receive step-by-step procedures to fix problems


When the system/network is back, failed messages are reprocessed


Ability to send emails to any Incident systems


By possessing insight into past errors, the possibility of new errors is minimized

How to use?

Alert when an error occursXXX
Rule basedX?
Different recipient of alertsx(x)*(x)*
Identify new alertsx?
General system monitoringx
Easy configurationxx
Ignore insignificant errorsx(x)*
Has servicedesk(x)*x
Messages with contextx
Integrate with service desksxx

* require configuration


€5000, including first year support per productive instance.

After the first year, you can purchase upgrades and support for €1000/year.
There are reseller or affiliate partner options. Write to to learn more.