Figaf is derived from the Danish name for giraffe (giraf). The giraffe is able to see the landscape from a different perspective than most other animals.

It is often necessary to be able to look at the problem from a new angle to find new opportunities and solutions.

It is with that in mind, that we run our business, and solve your problems.

What We DO

Figaf does consulting for SAP integration. The background for the integration is SAP Exchange Infrastructure (XI) or Process Integration (PI).

We have experience in working with XI 3.0, PI 7.0 and PI 7.1.We can deliverer a wide verity of consulting services primarily focused on development for integration.

Tasks could be the following:Architectural work for designing an integration solution, which can support the business needs.

  • Development of integration scenarios
    • Development of mappings in the built-in mapping tool, xslt, or java mappings
    • Development of PI adapters or modules to perform custom tasks
    • Development of ccBPMs for orchestration of processes.
  • Performance improvement of scenarios, like finding a way to improve the performance of critical or high volume interfaces.
  • If you need an independent look at your integration solution, we deliver quality assurance. We will verify the solutions and give you recommendations for improvement or possible pitfalls.
  • Training in PI usage and development.