Figaf SAP PI/PRO tools

We know that supporting a SAP PI/PO/PRO system can be difficult and time consuming. Sometimes you get the same errors many times and for each alert you have to figure out why this occurred. Our Support Optimizer Tool helps to make the error processing a lot easier and automate what you will normally see.

You can download a free 30 day trial and try it on your own system to see how it works.

Read more on the Figaf Support Optimizer Tool here. 

We testing a SAP PI/PO/PRO system. There is way to many manual steps involved in a test, and it will never give a wide test coverage. With Figaf Integration Regression TOOL (IRT) can you test an ICO with just 5 clicks. That way you can perform better test to make sure that nothing is changing.

You can download a free 30 day trial and try it on your own system to see how it works.

Read more on the Figaf Integration Regression Tool here. 


Figaf is derived from the Danish name for giraffe (giraf). The giraffe is able to see the landscape from a different perspective than most other animals. It is often necessary to be able to look at the problem from a new angle, to find new opportunities and solutions.

It is with this in mind that we run our business, and solve your problems.


Figaf is active in the field of SAP PI/PO/PRO consultancy, with expertise in integration for companies. Our customers come in all sizes, from small SAP customers to some of the biggest companies in the world.

We have a lazy approach to integration, which means that we focus on making things work as easy as possible, with the least amount of effort from our customers. So what does this mean for you? If you hire Figaf to help with your project, we can optimize your SAP Integration solution to work more smoothly.

A core part of our services consists of providing help with strategic analysis of your integration strategy, and reviewing your current development. Your SAP consultant can make you more confident in what you have developed, or give you a different perspective on how you can make your integration work better.


Figaf was created by SAP Mentor and SAP Integration expert Daniel Graversen. He has been working with SAP Integration since the XI 3.0 days, and possesses over 10 years of experience with SAP XI/PI/PO/PRO/HCI development. The currently running integration scenarios which have been created by Daniel are responsible for more than $1 billion in daily transactions. Daniel has also been part of projects aimed at creating Java adapters and modules to make integration solutions run better.

Daniel is a developer, speaker, official SAP mentor, and blogger on the topics of SAP integration.


To help new developers enhance their SAP PI/PO/PRO development skills, we have created a number of SAP courses. These will teach students how to use SAP products, and how to become better developers. The following courses are currently on offer:

  • PI Course: this an introductory course on how to use SAP PI/PO/PRO
  • BPMN Course: this course teaches you how to start using the BPMN tools to create processes on the PO platform
  • SAP Adapter Course: this course provides more details regarding SAP PO Adapters for RFC, IDoc, and proxy
  • B2B Add-on Course: this is the first B2B training course available online

We can also perform custom training sessions or mentoring programs in your organization to help your developers achieve their full potential.