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Figaf Testing Tool

Testing is about peace of mind. There are a lot of different ways you can run tests.
We focus on regression tests. It allows you to test your changes before they are implemented and it secures you that the interface will not run differently this time compared to last time. When you make modifications to your interfaces to help support one case, it can mean other parts will stop working.

There are many different ways to create test cases. For SAP Integration the best approach is to be able to fetch messages from the production system and use them as a base line. Figaf Testing Tool is a part of Figaf DevOps Tool but can be bought separately.

Many test cases

There is a lot of logic in your SAP Integrations. You, therefore, need to find a good way to test it. In some cases, the logic is pretty simple, in others there can be complicated rules about how lines should be handled. A standard test case is designed to test one item. In real life, customers make complex orders. It is difficult to manually create such a variety. That is the reason it makes sense to use production data as a basis for testing.

Simple test case creation

The approach allows users to create test cases with limited knowledge of the integration. This allows users to be able to make test cases much easier, so they will be able to test even if critical employees or consultants have left the company.
This approach also makes it much easier to create test data for your integration, even when key developers have left the project.

Support all your integrations

No matter what you use in your SAP PI/PO/CPI integration project, Figaf Testing Tool is able to handle the test case for it. Without any programming. It can be EDI comparison, testing the output of your modules, support for Bridges like Async-sync pattern, EDI separator, and other common patterns that you want to support.

Secure test data

If you want to use productive data as a test you need to protect it. It could be Payroll or financial payments that are subject to GDPR or SOX rules. The tools from FIGAF have different ways of keeping your data safe. That way contractors can use your test case without seeing the confidential data. This simplifies the testing process and ensures everything can be tested according to requirements.

Mocking of services

If you want to test complete flows, the webservices you call will not allow you to repeat the same call multiple times. It could be to call SuccessFactors to hire an employee. Next time when you call the same system, you will get an error that the employee already exists. We automatically mock all the services you need for running the test.

Unit testing for scrips

You can reuse your test cases to create test scripts, that you can use to test your SAP CPI Groovy scripts. It creates a big improvement and makes it a lot easier for developers to run and validate the changes they make.

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Here you find an introduction to Figaf DevOps Tool. It is a version for SAP PI/PO, CPI and API Management.

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Risk management

Your SAP PI/CPI important and you need to protect it to ensure your business processes are run successfully.

The software from Figaf helps you minimize the dependencies on individual developers by automising manual processes. The software furthermore helps you minimize risk of failure on your system.

Case studies

"By working in many large organizations I have met many challenges in regards to SAP Integration. Based on my experience, the software of Figaf has been developed. The software helps to make the processes run more smooth, minimize risks and save costs for the companies."

Daniel Graversen
SAP integration expert & founder of Figaf


If you need our assistance, our consultants are ready to help you. We can assist you on the Figaf software but also on other issues in regards to SAP integration. Our consultants are all specialised in working with SAP integration processes.

When we help companies with their SAP integration, we are aware that every organisation has their own set up and we always focus on meeting your specific demands.

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Two main groups of customers

We have two main groups of customers for our software – SAP customers and service integrators.

SAP customers

Many larger companies, organizations and the public sector have their own IT departments handling SAP Integration. They buy our software directly from us and if needed they get support from our consultants.

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Service integrators

Service integrators such as larger IT consultancies offer our software as a part of their solutions to their customers; companies, organizations and the public sector. They have our software as a part of their portfolio.

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optimize your SAP Integration processes and business. Our software automates manual processes, saves you lots of time and minimize the risk of failure on your system.

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