Figaf Partnership Program

Automate SAP Integrations as a partner

Offer your clients as a consultancy better SAP Integrations with Figaf.

Become a partner with Figaf

Assist your clients with their SAP Integrations with the use of SAP Integration Automation software in your toolkit.

With access to Figaf’s software portfolio, you will be able to assist your clients at every step of their SAP Integration journey. Either it’s managing their SAP Process Integration (PI) or SAP Integration Suite or migrating from one to the other. Utilizing Figaf’s DevOps Suite makes it seamless to manage any aspect of your client’s integrations.

Join our Partnership Program

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Benefits of Figaf Partnership

  • Training sessions on current and future Figaf products
  • Receive same communications on all releases like our customers
  • Opportunity to co-host webinars with potential clients
  • Collaborate on Figaf software development from shared client experience
  • Demo licenses to learn and showcase the tool with.
  • Special partner prices on Figaf software
  • Dedicated webinars for our partners
  • Benefit from our referral program similar to our clients

Our Current Partners

Figaf DevOps Tool covers the needs for the entire development process and is the only software that allows you to automate the delivery of your SAP Integration. By using this software, developers can focus on what they are best at, development” – Olympus

Join our Partnership Program

Sign up for a quick 30-minute meeting to discuss further

Partnership Prices

Consultancy firms will receive special prices for single or multiple licenses to all Figaf Software custom to that consultancy firm.


Interested? Have any questions about joining our partnership? Then feel free book a meeting with us to discuss further any questions you have about the Figaf Partnership Program.