SAP PI to CPI Migration Tool

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Clients using SAP Process Integration (PI) have to migrate to SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) within the next ten years because SAP PI support is ending. The migration to SAP CPI is well worth it but requires reasonable development time.

Needless to say that as a company with the vision to simplify SAP integration processes, we’ve been thinking of automating PI to CPI migration for a while. In order, developers can focus on what matters: creating good software. Our clients already used our plattform for transport and testing.
How ever SAP recognized the need for a tool to support PI to CPI migration and started the SAP Hack2Build competition in 2021.
We attended and have built a tool based on our solid SAP automation software framework. Which allowed us to build a prototype that converts PI ICO’s to iflows and win the SAP competition. Motivated by this feedback, we launched a beta product and finalized the product soon.
The PI to CPI migration tool is now a part of the Figaf DevOps Suite which includes testing capabilities.
With this toolset, it takes one less than one hour to convert the first ICO/Receiver Determination. Furthermore, you can validate the conversions and get better migrations done faster with the included testing tool.
Feel free to discuss your requirements with us or ask for a free trial or an offer.


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Discover PI to CPI Migration Tool Features:

What does the current solution support?

The source object will be either ICO or Receiver Determination. So your system needs to be 7.1 or higher.

The tool supports branches for Receiver Determination or Interface Determinations. The migration process will split the message the same way and with the same conditions. The tool currently supports  asynchronous messaging.

Message mappings support

The tool support the migration of message mappings with User Defined Function Libraries (FL).
The FL is converted into Groovy Script files and then added to our shared repository; see next section. You may need to update the FL because CPI does not support the Container object and uses other features like dynamic properties.

Message Mappings with RFCs now also is supported. In addition, it will create mock functions for the RFC, making the migration process more straightforward.
We support IDOC, RFC, External Definition, and Message/Data types in the mappings. Multi mappings are also supported.

Shared artifacts

We have added support for shared artifacts so you can synchronize changes to all objects. This is to make it easier for you to reuse your Function Libraries converted into Groovy scripts. If you modify one of the Groovy Scripts, the tool can also update all iflows.
We are considering moving this functionality to the Script collection at some point, but it does not support libs in function mappings. The same applies to the Message Mapping Artifact.

​​Channels conversion

We have decided to make it easy to make it simple to convert SAP PI Channels to CPI Channels. We have created a set of XSLT in a git repository and some of the channels we have used. We will continue to extend this with help from the community. The idea is to map standard settings and external properties that are copied from the settings. The process of creating this is to find SAP PI Channel XML as a sample, use one of the existing XSLTs from the Git repository, and then compare with an example to what you see once you configure the channel yourself. In the XSLT, it is also possible to set up notifications to inform users about which manual actions they need to handle. Preview of mapping Once you have performed the migration, you see a preview of your migration. The preview allows you to understand the expected iflow and see the configurations’ different settings.

​​Migration of test cases

Testing is vital to the migration process; you want to know if you have migrated everything that matters, don’t you? For that reason, you can create test cases with the Figaf Tool to record messages from your SAP PI system. You can take this test case and convert it to an SAP PI test case with a few clicks and test whether everything is working as expected. Since there are two data models involved, things like dynamic properties will need fixing. Warnings and user actions After the migration, you will get a list of tasks to perform manually. You can define them in the XSLTs to make it easy to remember which tasks to handle.


There is a free trial of 10 migrations you can use to try the tool. After that, you can purchase extra migrations for 100 EUR pr ICO/Receiver Determination. Price includes testing and transport during the migration project.

What are clients saying about Figaf?

Convincing the development team to use the Figaf DevOps Tool was fairly easy because of it’s ease of use.

Pieter Atling, SAP Expert AkzoNobel

The tool is really great to help facilitate, save money and especially save so many hours. The figaf tool is the most holistic approach, and easy to get everything set up."

Pieter Mark Oshifeso, Anadarko Petroleum

Figaf covers the needs for the entire development process and is a (the only) software that allows you to automate the delivery of your SAP Integration.

Mark Lehmann, Olympus Europa

"The Figaf tool allows us to test our system in a simple way before upgrades. We saved a lot of time on our first upgrade project. It is user-friendly, which made it popular amongst our developers."

Jacob Roed, Integration Manager, Grundfos

Figaf PI to CPI Migration and Testing Tool

With our tool, it might take you one hour or less to convert an ICO/Receiver Determination. Furthermore, you can validate it quickly with the included testing tool to get the job done quicker and in better quality.

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List of supported migrations

We have made plenty of updates to our tool but want to remind you of the current features of the Figaf Migration Tool.


The tools support the following scenarios:

  • Migration of ICO and Classical Receiver Determination. It has been tested on SAP PI 7.11+ 
  • Routing conditions are copied if possible from the configuration
  • A preview of the generated BPMN diagram is shown after the generation
  • A list of warnings is created to simplify the process


For mapping, we can migrate all mappings even if they use:

  • Function libraries. Here the FL will be replaced with a Groovy script. There may be a little work involved in removing special functions like Container and Dynamic Properties. 
  • Multi mappings are handled automatically
  • Support Message Types, External Definition, IDOC, and RFC mappings
  • RFCLoops is migrated and the user can then insert mappings themselves
  • Message Mappings with Parameters.


  • To convert between a Communication Channels and an SAP CPI block it is possible to use some of the pre-delivered mappings or create your own mapping. It takes a few minutes to create your own custom mapping that matches your requirements. 
  • You can find the templates in the git repository.

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