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SAP Integration should be delivered fast and of high quality. Most companies are moving towards using agile methodologies like SAFe or scrum. The current method for developing and delivering SAP PI/PO/CPI has not changed since the beginning of SAP XI 3.0 in 2005. All other areas of business is moving fast, making it difficult for developers to keep up and ensure the quality of the software for SAP Integration. 

Figaf DevOps Tool covers the needs for the entire development process and is the only software that allows you to automate the delivery of your SAP Integration. By using this software your developers can focus on what they are best at, development. No reason to waste their time on filling out paperwork that can be automated. 

Git integration

All development processes start with having a good place for handling your SAP CPI and API management development. You can use your favorite IDE to develop and run your Groovy scripts, it can save you a lot of development effort.
It will also give all developers an opportunity to develop using the same toolset without having to reinvent the wheel.

See how the Git functionality works. 

Change tracking

The Figaf DevOps Tool is able to monitor all objects important for SAP Integration. It will enable you to find all the differences between versions. You will be able to see when and why something was changed. This allows you to monitor all changes.


There should be a reason for all changes of your code. It is normally that business that makes a Service Request, creates a Jira or ServiceNow ticket.
The Figaf DevOps Tool allows you to log which objects are affected by a change and link it to the business requests. That way all changes should happen because of a requirement. On all objects in all versions, you will be able to find the business reason for the change.


Transport is about understanding what is being moved in your landscape. It is also to perform the correct approval, configuration and testing process. Figaf DevOps Tool will allow you to monitor what integrations are transported. Ensure that managers or architects know what is being transported before they approve a change. And of cause enable you to test how the change impact your integration.


Each time you import new content into your landscape you need to make sure that it is configured correctly to point to the correct system. This is normally something users need to perform after imports in the landscape. Figaf DevOps Tool is a central repository where you can have all the required information you need. This will simplify the process and make it easier for users to perform the transports.


Documentation is one of the processes that takes the most time. Figaf DevOps Tool can create the two types of documentation needed automatically.

  1. Is a list of the changes that occurs as a part of a ticket or business requirement, including test runs.
  2. Is a scenario documentation that shows all relevant information and artifacts used for the interface.


Testing is an important part of every project, to make sure that it does not introduce unexpected processes. Figaf DevOps Tool helps you automate the testing process. You can take data from your productive system, where you have all the variances of data.
It is simple to create test cases based on the content. You can also run only the interfaces that are affected by a change. That way you don’t have to run all your test cases.

See Figaf Testing Tool for more information, it is an included part of the tool.

Monitoring and alerting

The only way you are able to react in time is if you have the tool to handle and sort alerts. Figaf comes with a set of tools that allow you to set up rules really simple for all abnormalities of your SAP integration. You will be able to find and resolve the critical issues much faster.

See Figaf Alerting Tool for more information

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Here you find an introduction to Figaf DevOps Tool. It is a version for SAP PI/PO, CPI and API Management.

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Risk management

Your SAP PI/CPI important and you need to protect it to ensure your business processes are run successfully.

The software from Figaf helps you minimize the dependencies on individual developers by automising manual processes. The software furthermore helps you minimize risk of failure on your system.

Case studies

"By working in many large organizations I have met many challenges in regards to SAP Integration. Based on my experience, the software of Figaf has been developed. The software helps to make the processes run more smooth, minimize risks and save costs for the companies."

Daniel Graversen
SAP integration expert & founder of Figaf


If you need our assistance, our consultants are ready to help you. We can assist you on the Figaf software but also on other issues in regards to SAP integration. Our consultants are all specialised in working with SAP integration processes.

When we help companies with their SAP integration, we are aware that every organisation has their own set up and we always focus on meeting your specific demands.

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Two main groups of customers

We have two main groups of customers for our software – SAP customers and service integrators.

SAP customers

Many larger companies, organizations and the public sector have their own IT departments handling SAP Integration. They buy our software directly from us and if needed they get support from our consultants.

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Service integrators

Service integrators such as larger IT consultancies offer our software as a part of their solutions to their customers; companies, organizations and the public sector. They have our software as a part of their portfolio.

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optimize your SAP Integration processes and business. Our software automates manual processes, saves you lots of time and minimize the risk of failure on your system.

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