Figaf DevOps Suite for SAP

Release Faster and Better SAP Integrations

Release Faster and Better SAP Integrations

Automate documentation, testing and tracking processes, giving you time to develop SAP integrations.

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“We utilize the Figaf DevOps Suite to optimize our Cloud Integration landscape. By creating a virtual tenant for testing on our Cloud Integration development tenant, we achieve a three-tier landscape while paying for only two tenants.
Soluvia IT-Services

Devops tool for SAP integrations

One tool to handle all of your SAP Integration processes

Figaf DevOps Suite is the state-of-the-art SAP Integration Automation Software designed to help you to develop, optimize and manage the whole SAP Integration process.

The fully integrated environment gives you the needed control and automates routine tasks. Beside the wins in productivity SAP Integration Automation also minimizes human errors, which translates to shorter development lifecycles and faster software releases.

With Figaf all your SAP PI/PO/CPI transports will be:

  • Documented – inclusive all your developed objects
  • Linked to a business reason (service request) so you know what has been changed and why
  • Tested and validated in the QA system with same test cases to make sure everything works as expected
  • Configured in one place, so developers do not need access to configure production system
  • Linked with the incident system so you can get information about what is wrong with your system faster

Figaf replaces SAP’s own change management and documentation platform that heavily relies on manual tasks and complicates processes.  Save time and resources with Figaf and enjoy it’s benefits!

Suite vs Individual Tools

Why have 5 individual and partially-siloed tools to handle everything from monitoring, testing, documentation and DevOps when you can have one cohesive and comprehensive toolkit to manage your SAP Integration?

The Figaf DevOps Suite is that ultimate SAP Integration Automation Software that streamlines your integrations while automating many manual tasks.

Also, save on the purchase of the Figaf DevOps Suite compared the purchase of individual tools provided by Figaf this automatically included in the Figaf DevOps Suite.

You can save at least 39 percent on your purchase of the Figaf DevOps Suite compared the cost of buying individual tools from Figaf.

Below is the price of the main tools available both individually and included in the Figaf DevOps Suite. Below prices are in Euros

Number of Integrations in Dev System <100 <500 <1000
Transport 1000 2000 2800
Test 1000 2000 2800
Monitoring/Alerting 500 1000 1000
Total Price for all separate tools/services including the tools above and documentation, and Git / Editor. 3500 7000 9100
Total Price for the Figaf DevOps Suite 2000
Save 42% on the purcase of the suite
Save 45% on the purcase of the suite
Save 48% on the purcase of the suite
Pricing of Figaf Suite vs Figaf Individual Tools

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Discover Figaf DevOps Suite Features

Git integration

All development processes start with having a good place for handling your SAP CPI and API management development. You can use your favorite IDE to develop and run your Groovy scripts, it can save you a lot of development effort.
It will also give all developers an opportunity to develop using the same toolset without having to reinvent the wheel.

See how the Git functionality works. 

Change tracking

The Figaf DevOps Tool is able to monitor all objects important for SAP Integration. It will enable you to find all the differences between versions. You will be able to see when and why something was changed. This allows you to monitor all changes.


There should be a reason for all changes of your code. It is normally that business that makes a Service Request, creates a Jira or ServiceNow ticket.
The Figaf DevOps Tool allows you to log which objects are affected by a change and link it to the business requests. That way all changes should happen because of a requirement. On all objects in all versions, you will be able to find the business reason for the change.


Transport is about understanding what is being moved in your landscape. It is also to perform the correct approval, configuration and testing process. Figaf DevOps Tool will allow you to monitor what integrations are transported. Ensure that managers or architects know what is being transported before they approve a change. And of cause enable you to test how the change impact your integration.


Each time you import new content into your landscape you need to make sure that it is configured correctly to point to the correct system. This is normally something users need to perform after imports in the landscape. Figaf DevOps Tool is a central repository where you can have all the required information you need. This will simplify the process and make it easier for users to perform the transports.


Documentation is one of the processes that takes the most time. Figaf DevOps Tool can create the two types of documentation needed automatically.

  1. Is a list of the changes that occurs as a part of a ticket or business requirement, including test runs.
  2. Is a scenario documentation that shows all relevant information and artifacts used for the interface.


Testing is an important part of every project, to make sure that it does not introduce unexpected processes. Figaf DevOps Tool helps you automate the testing process. You can take data from your productive system, where you have all the variances of data.
It is simple to create test cases based on the content. You can also run only the interfaces that are affected by a change. That way you don’t have to run all your test cases.

See Figaf Testing Tool for more information, it is an included part of the tool.

Monitoring and alerting

The only way you are able to react in time is if you have the tool to handle and sort alerts. Figaf comes with a set of tools that allow you to set up rules really simple for all abnormalities of your SAP integration. You will be able to find and resolve the critical issues much faster.

See Figaf Alerting Tool for more information

Figaf DevOps Suite

The comprehensive toolkit to speed up your integration at every step.

Suite size options below are based on the scope of your integration landscape.

Small Landscape

0 - 100 integrations in Dev System
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Small Landscape

101 - 500 integrations in Dev System
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Large Landscape

501 - 1000 integrations in Dev System
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Enterprise Landscape

Over a 1000 integrations in Dev System
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*EUR Price per month billed annually. 20% extra if paid per month.

* Count based on iFlows In Development System.

What are our clients saying about Figaf?

Convincing the development team to use the Figaf DevOps Tool was fairly easy because of it’s ease of use.

The tool is really great to help facilitate, save money and especially save so many hours. The figaf tool is the most holistic approach, and easy to get everything set up."

Figaf DevOps Tool covers the needs for the entire development process and is a (the only) software that allows you to automate the delivery of your SAP Integration.

We have utilized Figaf DevOps Suite during our S/4 Hana conversion for our integrations on SAP PI/PO, saving both resources and calendar time and with great result: After less than 1 1/2 days, we had normal operations.

Frequently asked questions

Looking for answers? Check out the frequently asked questions below:

  • SAP Process Integration (PI), SAP Process Orchestration PO
  • SAP Integration Suite
  • SAP Cloud Integration (CPI) on both Neo and Cloud Foundry
  • SAP API management

With Figaf, you get much better control over your transport.

  • Once you are transporting the integration, you can see what will be the change with the new version
  • You can handle which configurations should be applied after the transport
  • All documentation is handled in the tool, so no more excel documents with configuration
  • You get more control over the transport approvals
  • Making developers focus on development, not management

For each system, you can define how it should be able to approve the transport.
By default, it is not allowed for transport create to approve his own transports to ensure compliance with SOX.

Yes, there are several ways you can include the tool into your development practices. We do support an API to handle approval or transport from your tickets.
Our clients use manual approaches in most cases and just use the tool as a simple link to the tickets.

An API will allow you to trigger the transport in Figaf and manage the transport flow. One of the more significant problems with DevOps on a Cloud Integration is that data structure can be confusing.

The normal flows of development in branches are not supported. The primary reason is this will become challenging to handle in a CPI context where you have some code, and most editing should be performed in the WebUI. It also brings some limits to what is possible to use of flows.
Our normal recommendation is to use Git as a file share where you have access to all your CPI IFlows, code, test cases, and versioning.

The Figaf Suite is a Java application that can run on SAP BTP Cloud Foundry. With SAPs free tier and the trials, it is easy to get to run. The tool can also run on your own server. It just requires Java and a database. For a PoC, you can run it on your laptop since it is easy to install.

You can get started in as little as 60 minutes to set up a system, and connect it to your SAP PI or CPI system. Then you can try the testing or the transport mechanism. We have a video of how to start a trial in just 30 minutes here.

If you run into problems during your trial, write to [email protected], then we will try to help you.

How do I convince my manager to buy the tool?

That is one of the more challenging parts of the process. Many factors make our DevOps tool compelling to get started with:

  • It makes it cheaper to build integration
  • Improves documentation and governance
  • It is easy to implement and learn

We have many slides and business cases where you can get some inspiration on how to handle the scenarios. 

The price starts at 590 EUR/month for managing 40 Integration objects. For 100 objects, the price is 1.000 EUR/month. Subsequent packages of 100 objects are 500 EUR/month
Hosting in BTP is about 300 EUR/month.

  • SAP PI/PO: ICO and Receiver Determination

  • SAP CPI: iFlow

  • API management: API Proxy

SAP CPI-DS is a different tool than Cloud Integration. For now, we don’t support SAP CPI-DS.

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"One of Figaf’s major advantages is its ability to configuration values during transports. You maintain the mapping once, making future transports seamless. The tool also offers approval steps and the option for auto-deployment, providing flexibility and control."
System Architect
Soluvia IT-Services

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Why did I create Figaf?

SAP Integration is a hot topic in the SAP world because you need good integrations to run your enterprise. On top of this, the integration need is growing, and it has become more complex.

Even if the integration development has become easier, then there has not been a significant improvement in the governance process. SAP Customers would typically follow some framework like SOX or ITIL to ensure they have the proper documentation and separation of duties.

I have worked with a lot of SAP customers, and I have been frustrated with the process of documentation. Most did not capture enough data, while others captured useless information that the developers should ensure was updated. Also, there was no proper way of testing the integration, so it never performed well. 

Most SAP Integration Teams have two challenges:

  1. Too many integrations to the current team of developers
  2. Needing to ensure their deployment procedures are followed

That is why we build Figaf DevOps Suite. It focuses on the integration can be delivered better to make life easier for integration developers.

In the last six years, I’m happy to report that we have built a tool that has enabled developers in more than 20 companies to focus more on the integrations instead of on tasks that should be automated.

  Daniel Graversen, CEO & Founder of Figaf


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