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SAP Integration Automation

Have you ever thought of the benefits of SAP Integration Automation?


Whitepaper: How to Deliver SAP Integration Fast and in High Quality?

FIGAF Software helps clients to automate the complete delivery of SAP Integrations
– including transport and testing:

Delivering integrations faster and better
Automated transport, documentation, and testing tools can help you eliminate routine tasks and execute integration work faster and in better quality.

Reducing complexity and gain control
Automation reduces complexity, and it gives you control over the whole process. You oversee changes and monitor them easily before approving transport requests.

Increasing quality with testing With testing, you validate your system to make sure everything works as expected. This results in delivering higher quality with fewer errors.

Avoiding interruption of business processes
Interruptions of business processes are expensive. Avoid system downtime and process interruptions by minimizing errors and improving support with automation.

Getting rid of documentation work
Better tools create a better work environment, and thanks to the automation of routine tasks, team members can use their creative potential for productive work instead of tedious routine tasks.

Effortless support and easy bug fixing
Figaf automation reduces significant sources of bugs and comes with tools that make bug fixing easy. In addition, support tools are helping to avoid alerts causing overwhelming and manage support trouble-free.

Safe time and money with Figaf
If you begin to use Figaf, you save time and money with every change. After six changes, the Figaf license costs are already covered by the time saved.

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Two main groups of customers

We have two main groups of customers for our software – SAP customers and service integrators.

SAP customers

Many larger companies, organizations and the public sector have their own IT departments handling SAP Integration. They buy our software directly from us and if needed they get support from our consultants.

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Service integrators

Service integrators such as larger IT consultancies offer our software as a part of their solutions to their customers; companies, organizations and the public sector. They have our software as a part of their portfolio.

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The Figaf founder and SAP Integration expert, Daniel Graversen, is blogging about SAP Integration. You’ll read about news from SAP, new interesting features etc.

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