Figaf Alerting Tool

Avoid Interruptions and Failures on your System

Monitor your vital SAP Integration systems to react appropriately in case of errors and minimize the impact on your business.

Even the best SAP Integration can fail. The cost of interrupted business processes can be tremendously high and outweigh the IT cost to fix the problem. FIGAF Alerting is the tool to help you to avoid these and find and resolve issues quickly and effortlessly.

It monitors all of your SAP PI/PO, CPI, and API management flows in one place and helps you track significant issues and avoid overwhelming from countless repeating alerts.

Figaf Alerting  Tool is a part of Figaf DevOps Tool but can be bought separately. It integrates with the service desk of your choice.

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Discover Figaf Alerting Tools Features:​

Create rules easy

The Figaf Alerting Tool makes it simple to set up rules for all your processing. The rule is written in Xpath and allows you to find the errors in question. The rules are ordered, so you can create specific notifications and then broaden them so that you can correctly catch errors.

Knowledge sharing

In the rules you can share information on how to resolve the problem. It can be guidance on how to solve the problem or how to inform the order processor there is a problem with the master data on an order. This will make it much easier to find information when you have to solve a problem.

With the Figaf Alerting Tool you will get the information together with the alert.

Mute alerts

You don’t want to get notified multiple times if an error happens several times within a short time frame. The tool allows you to mute the alerts for a period of time, so you don’t get your inbox flooded with the alerts.

Process alerts same way

The data used to trigger the alerts depend on different scenarios.

  • SAP PI/PO: Figaf Alerting Tool fetches the CMBA (Component Based Message Alert) joined with message information of the message processing data.
  • SAP CPI: Figaf Alerting Tool creates a Odata filter of the message processing, so you can extract messages with status Error or message where Receiver = Log. That way you can get notifications even if it is not an error.
  • SAP API management: Figaf Alerting Tool adds some default rules to your Proxies. An error on the flows will be saved in KVM (Key-Value Maps). Figaf Alerting Tool can then extract from here.

External integration

If you want to open tickets in your service desk for some alerts, Figaf Alerting Tool makes it possible to send webhooks, to create the ticket in Jira, Service Now or in your own tool.

Monitor iFlows

For SAP CPI we have created a simpler flow process. It allows you to assign multiple iFlows to a group to support the monitoring of a business process. With this, you can give users access to view the information for multiply flow much easier.
Users can see MPL attachments and the persisted messages.

Automation of restart

In the rules you can set up automation like cancel or restart messages. This can make the processing much easier without having to involve users in something that easily can be automated.

What are clients saying about Figaf?

Figaf covers the needs for the entire development process and is a (the only) software that allows you to automate the delivery of your SAP Integration.

"The Figaf tool allows us to test our system in a simple way before upgrades. We saved a lot of time on our first upgrade project. It is user-friendly, which made it popular amongst our developers."

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Here you find an introduction to Figaf Alerting Tool. It is a version for SAP PI/PO, CPI and API Management.

Whitepaper: How to Deliver SAP Integration Fast and in High Quality

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