Figaf DevOps Suite, Migration Edition

Migrate to SAP Integration Suite with Confidence

Test, accelerate and automate your migration while being prepared to manage your SAP Cloud Integration. 

Credit Card not required. Only company name and email are required.

"Testing is a substantial part of the migration effort and it consumes somewhere around 60% to 65% of the overall migration effort.”1
1Source: ®, How to Successfully Migrate to a New Integration Platform, Abhishek Singh, October 2021 GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved.

What I can say is that the Figaf tool [Migration Tool/Edition] has been invaluable throughout the whole process, from helping identify what interfaces we needed to migrate immediately.

A tool to set you up for success

The Figaf DevOps Suite, Migration Edition is geared towards ensuring you have a successful migration to SAP Cloud Integration (SAP Integration Suite). Yet, it is also built for your success when you will start using SAP Integration Suite.

The Migration Edition comes with a limited trial of the Cloud Integration DevOps tool to see how Figaf can assist with managing your SAP CPI system. We automate your migration but we have also developed capabilities where many parts of your SAP Cloud Integration.


One tool for your migration
Track your migration effort
Assess your current landscape
Tests with limited business knowledge
Govern your test cases and results
Keep the testing in your team

Migration Edition Overview

What is the Migration Edition?

The migration edition is the full Figaf DevOps Tool, and it is just different in the perspectives of licensing and support.

Together with SAP we have created a version of our Figaf tool that will support your migration project for up to 12 months for free.  You will thereby be able to manage your migration project simply with our tool.

You will get access to:

  • Migration assessment

  • Migration overview so you can see the progress of your migration

  • Create Test cases from SAP PI/PO and run the tests on your Integration Suite iFlows (Test valid for 30 days)

  • Trial of :

    • Figaf Migration tool that takes ICOs and converts it to iFlows (limited to 10 ICOs)

    • Figaf DevOps Tool for 2 months

    • Lots of other features and reports

How is the Migration Edition different?

The Migration Edition is a good add-on to your SAP PI/PO migration projects, it can automate your migration, testing and documentation process, and it can also work together with SAP’s own migration tool. Figaf will help you automate the regression testing, allowing you to save time on the migration.

If you have SAP PI versions 7.1-7.4, it is not supported by SAPs tool yet. Here the Migration Edition can help you create assessments and testing. For an additional fee the Migration Edition can help automate the migrations.

Also, you will get a trial of our full DevOps Suite that allows you to simplify the way you are delivering migration allowing you save time on your migration.

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How the Migration Edition supports your migration and future SAP Cloud Integration

Migration Edition Professional Edition
Registration requirement Full company registration Full company registration & Purchase Order or credit card
Migration Dashboard Yes Yes
Migration Assessment Yes Yes
Testing Create and run tests on SAP PI, Cloud Integration and migrate Create PI test cases run on IFlows Test only valid 30 days
Support Forum Forum, Ticket
Deployment SAP BTP BTP, Docker, Windows, Linux
Cloud Integration DevOps Trial Included
Cloud Integration Virtual Tenants Trial Included
Monitoring Trial Included
Figaf ICO/Receiver Determination Migrations Trial 10 ICOs Starts at 100 EUR per migration. Learn more here.
Training On-demand videos & Knowledge Base (KB) articles On-demand videos & Knowledge Base (KB) articles Onboarding sessions
Price Free Starts at 100 EUR per object migrated and price changes based on the size of the migration. Learn more here.
Duration 12 months with Migration Edition with 2-month trial of Cloud Integration DevOps 12 months

Frequently Asked Questions

You can run the Figaf DevOps Suite on a number of platforms. For the migration edition we recommend that you deploy it in SAP BTP Cloud Foundry. Here you can use SAPs user management to simplify onboarding and sharing in your team. Here you can run the app as a docker image see the following manual.

To connect to your SAP PI/PO system you need to have a Cloud Connector that provides the access from Figaf to your system.

 You can also deploy Figaf as a standalone application on your laptop, thought you will not be able to share the results of your testing with your team. This could be a good way to evaluate the tool.

You can also run Figaf on any server local or in a Hyperscaler that has a Java 8 and PostgreSQL or MSSQL.

We have focused on making it easy to use, so everybody fast can get started with the tool.


We do have a free online training that you can use to become familiar with the tool. From installation to configuration and usage.

We are working on improving this.

Since it is a free edition you will not get everything that we have in our paid edition.


  • Support is limited to our forum. We will try to help you with your challenges but our paying clients come first.

  • We have limited the testing capabilities so you can only take create test cases from your SAP PI/PO system and then run them on your migrated iFlows for 30 days. You can always create new test cases and use them for 30 days more.

  • There is a trial of our full tool for the first 2 months with some limits on the number of objects you can work with

You can always upgrade to the full version to keep your test cases and start using our other functionality.

You can manage your migration project just with our migration edition, that is why we have created the version.

Your migration project is a big project that requires a lot of hours. If you can get a tool that can automate just 10-20% of the work


There are many good reasons for you to upgrade.

  • With the Figaf tools you can improve the way you are delivering your SAP Integration Suite Integrations

  • Get access to our PI to Cloud Integration

  • Be able to perform regression test of your integration easily and reuse your test cases you have created in the migration process

  • Transport your integration with full governance and traceability

  • Virtual tenants where you can reuse your development tenant for multiply purposes.

  • Git repository to speed up your migration

  • Monitoring of your integration

  • Making sure you lower the cost of your migration project and continued support your integration.

And of course, you get access to our support so we can help you more

Figaf: Your SAP Integration Experts

Figaf is a SAP Partner on a mission to make it easier for developers to work with SAP Integration. We want you to spend your time on creating integrations for the business, not on paperwork.

Figaf is building a tool to automate the heavy processes in integration like regression testing or transport and governance.

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