Figaf's Vision & Mission

Mission: Empowering enterprises to build and manage their SAP Integration by developing and delivering comprehensive tools that allows developers to deliver quality business-critical integrations. Our goal is to become the software partner of choice among SAP and consulting companies.

Visions: We serve enterprises that rely on SAP Integration and their consulting firms. Our comprehensive integration suite enables ambitious SAP Integration Developers to develop and migrate faster and with lower risk.

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Figaf develops software for SAP Integration in order to optimize the business of our customers

What we do

Figaf develops software for SAP Integration that can help you:

Integration is important to all companies. It enables your business processes to work smoothly with automation. If the integration is not working it will impact the business processes. 

The Figaf tools work on automation for your SAP Integration, so you can trust that your integration and business processes will continue to work.
Figaf DevOps Tool is the only tool you need for handling your SAP PI/PO, CPI, and API management. The tool supports all the cases.

Why we do what we do

Figaf wants to make a difference by developing softwares that can automate and make SAP Integration work smarter and with lower risk of failure. 

Based on many years of experience with SAP Integration in large companies and organizations, the founder of Figaf, Daniel Graversen, found out that parts of the processes can be done smarter. Therefore Figaf started to develop software to optimize the SAP Integration processes and systems.

Protection and optimization of your business

Your business relies on integration. If it is not working you have a problem that can expand deep into your business and cost you a lot of ressources. The Figaf tools are about making it smarter and easier for you to run your business – and of limited risk. You also get less dependent on one specific developer, since processes are automated, monitored and changes are tracked. This makes your business less vulnerable.

Increased developer productivity

Developers are the core of your integration. They are responsible for a large part of the cost of integration. Figaf helps you get the most out of their skills and ensure they can be engaged with development and not spend time on paperwork that can be automated.

The name 'Figaf'

‘Figaf’ is derived from the Danish name for giraffe (giraf). The giraffe has a good overview and is able to see the landscape from a different perspective than most other animals. In order to solve a problem it is often necessary to be able to look at the problem from a new angle, to find new opportunities and solutions.

With this in mind we run our business, and solve your problems.

Daniel Graversen


Daniel Graversen

Founder, SAP Integration Expert

Figaf was founded by SAP Mentor and SAP Integration expert, Daniel Graversen. He has been working with SAP Integration for 15+ years and possesses a wide experience with SAP XI/PI/PO/HCI/CPI and API Management development.
Daniel is the brain behind the products of Figaf. Throughout his wide experience with SAP integration he sees, where the current SAP solutions need some extra tools to work smarter.
Daniel is a SAP Mentor and community member of SAP Community Network (SCN). He has been working with all kinds of integration perspectives from proxies to integration solutions.
Daniel has helped many small and really large companies with optimizing their SAP integration. With a focus on making applications that makes it possible to simplify the integration and error handling they have been working with.
Beside developing new tools for SAP integration and helping companies, Daniel is also a speaker, SAP mentor, and blogger on the topics of SAP integration

Mette Ehlers Mikkelsen

Chairman of the board

Mette Ehlers works professionally as a board member focusing on growth, sales and internationalization. She is a member of the boards of AGWENDA Investment and Café Globen ApS and has worked in boards during the past 20 years. Previously in among other Danish Business Promotion (the organizations of Danish local Business CEOs), Attention Design Aps, Top Partners A/S, the Entrepreneur House of the Capital Region, Danhostel Roskilde, the Think Tank the Danish Atlantic Treaty Association, and the advisory boards of a number of IT-startups incl. in Sweden.

Mette has been a diplomat during 18 years, 15 of which she was head of export promotion with two postings on neighboring markets. 2010-14 she was head of trade and export promotion at the Danish Embassy in Stockholm and twice responsible for the Danish export promotion to the Nordic Region. The past five years, she has been a business CEO and Market Director at Mannaz, structuring key account management in a company advising on leadership, board practice and organizational change.

She holds two masters; in European integration and international relations from University of Copenhagen and University of Canterbury, and a board education from Niels Brock.

Mette Ehlers Mikkelsen is a member of VL-Danish Management Society, the Danish Board Association and Women in Boards. Privately, she is a member of the Travelers Club in Denmark, Nomad Mania and Travelers Century Club.

Mette Ehlers Mikkelsen
Karen Würtz

Karen Würtz

Board member

Karen Würtz is a member of the board, and she has been associated to Figaf for several years. She has helped within strategic communications and business development – hereunder preparing Figaf for establishing a board.
Karen is works strategic business development in several companies and businesses; hereunder lawyer, engineer and IT companies. She is experienced within board’s work both as a board member and as a Chairman of the board.
Karen holds a background as an Adizes consultant – organizational and leadership development. She helps companies handle challenges proactively and to have a healthy growth. As a founder (or leader), you have to take many decisions to avoid being the bottleneck and to avoid bringing your company into founder’s trap.
Karen also facilitates workshops and runs courses within development processes and communications. She is an expert into personal profiles – and how to create strong teams and healthy cultures within a company.
Karen holds a master’s degree as an industrial designer. She brings a strong focus on the target group and its needs. She always brings this into the work she is doing which makes the product – and concept development and communication much more relevant and adaptive for the clients of the companies.
As a board member Karen contribute to realizing and implementing the potential of Figaf particularly with focus on strategic communications and business development.