What is the value of Figaf to you?

This can vary as a integration developer or a business manager?

As you know, the Figaf DevOp Suite is a powerful toolkit that allows you to automate crucrial but time-consuming portions of your integration and migration thus saving time and money.

The Figaf Migration Tool specifically makes it easy to get an understanding of your migration through our reporting, dashboard and test cases thus giving you a better idea of what your SAP Cloud Integration envionment will look like post migration.

Moreover, the Figaf DevOps Suite is adaptable to various organizations and their governance structures giving the tool the ability to bring DevOps to any organization, no matter the size or regulatory/operational needs.

Webinar: Creating a business case for Figaf

We hosted a webinar where we shared the business benefits of using our software for your SAP Integration or your migration from SAP Process Integration to SAP Cloud Integration.

We also discussed the benefits of automating your integration or migration before we offered resources for you to use for creating your own business case for working with Figaf.

Usually we would show the different features of Figaf tools and explain how you save money and time with automating your integration and migration.

Usually, this has led to more technical webinars with a some mentioning of the business case for it. Moreover, we usually didn’t offer detailed assistance with developing a business case.

But this webinar is different as this webinar focused on the process of developing the business case for Figaf. We will share how you will save money and time with Figaf and then discuss how to you can communicate these savings within your organization. This includes offering resources you can use to build a better argument for working with Figaf.

Resources Available

We created multiple resources at your disposal for you to create your own business case presentation. 

See those resources listed to the right.