SAP Integration Automation Software

The FIGAF Software Suite lets you automate the full delivery of your SAP Integrations including transport and testing. Our Development and Productivity Tools are improving the development experience.
Team members using FIAGF SAP Automation Tools can focus on productive work instead of boring routine tasks. No more manual Documentation work is needed thanks to automated Governance which on top makes real comliance possible.
Alerting and monitoring tools are helping to support and to fix issues quickly. FIGAF is the all-in-one suite that can handle all of the SAP Integration needs but is also available in Modules.

Automate the full delivery of your SAP Integration

FIGAF Software automates the full delivery of your SAP Integrations including Transport and Testing. The all-in-one SAP Integration Automation Suite is coming with the following Modules:

Optimization and control of development processes

  • Figaf DevOps Tool

    SAP Integration should be delivered fast and of high quality. Figaf DevOps Tool is a unique tool that covers the needs for the entire development process and is the only software that allows you to automate the delivery of your SAP Integration.

  • Figaf Testing Tool

    Figaf Testing Tool allows you to test your changes before they are implemented and it secures you that the interface will not run differently compared to last time. This tool is a part of Figaf DevOps Tool but you can buy it separately.

  • Figaf Alerting Tool

    If your SAP Integration doesn't work, the problems can expand into your business. Figaf Alerting Tool sets up alerts so you get notified and can fix the errors fast. This tool is a part of Figaf DevOps Tool but you can buy it separately.

Automation of migration

  • Figaf Migration Tool

    From 2021 your system will not be supported if you have anything else but SAP PI 7.5. You need to keep your system up to date to be able to support your systems. Figaf Migration Tool makes it fast and easy for you to upgrade.

  • Figaf Seeburger Migration Tool

    Normally you'll need to migrate the Seeburger Message Mappings to SAP's new B2B Add-on manually. The Figaf Seeburger Migration Tool helps you perform the upgrade automatically and with just a few clicks.

SAP Integration Automation Tool for SAP customers

SAP customers such as companies, organizations and the public sector buy our software to update and secure the SAP Integration system. Many larger organizations have their own IT developers to take care of the SAP Integration processes and if needed they get support from our consultants.

SAP customers buy our software in order to:

We have a free trial you can download to test the software in own system landscape.
If needed we support you in implementing our software.

SAP Integration Automation Tool for Service Integrators

Service integrators such as larger consultancies use our software as a part of the solutions they offer to the customers. The software has been developed over many years and are ready to implement which the service integrators benefit from. 

Service integrators buy our software in order to:

We make a partnership and then you get access to our software.

Our customers say

With Figaf you ...

optimize your SAP Integration processes and business. Our software automates manual processes, saves you lots of time and minimize the risk of failure on your system.

We are always ready to help you.