Book time to simplify your SAP PI/PO/CPI

Your SAP Integration never sleeps. There is always room for improvement. You probably had a project to improve the way you are handling SAP PI/PO/CPI or on a migration project. In both cases, Figaf can help lower the risk and make it cheaper to run.

Book meeting

We want to help you plan how and which of the Figaf tools you can use that would make sense for your project. Book a time with Daniel Graversen to talk about how the tools could be implemented in your company. You can see the calendar and book here. If nothing works for just use the chatbox.

Or you can use our Contact box to request a meeting.

The Figaf Tools has the ability to handle and automate the following processes for SAP PI/CPI

  • Governance
    • Transport
    • Testing
    • Configuration in landscape
    • Documentation
  • Developer productivity
    • Git repository for SAP CPI will all needed plugins
  • Migration
    • PI to PO migrations
    • Seeburger to B2B Add-on migration
    • PI to CPI is in the roadmap

Try it

We do have a trial option that will allow you to get started with your projects. You can get started in 1 hour. If you have any problem or want to be guided through the process of getting Figaf working, book a session with our experts to get the system installed in your landscape. You can book at [email protected] or use the chatbox here.

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