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Transporting, approving and crediting of changes are very time consuming tasks. Each change takes easily 2-4 hours of working time. If you begin to use Figaf then you save time and money with every change you don’t do manually anymore.

Typically after six changes a month the FIGAF license costs are already covered by the time and hassle you save. The more you change, test and document the more you safe. With Figaf you can manage and support this effortlessly. Feel free to use the calculator for integration costs to learn more about it.

It’s not only that you deliver integrations faster because of an automated delivery and documentation process. On top you’re delivering in a better quality with fewer errors. And you make your employees happier by reducing routine work.

We can help you to tailor, implement and run the automation. Make use of our decades of combined experience with software developement and SAP Integration. Contact us or book a free Workshop to analyse your situation and discuss solutions.  

The tool is really great to help facilitate, save money and especially save so many hours. The figaf tool is the most holistic approach, and easy to get everything set up, I don´t see anyone else so far on the market”,

Mark Oshifeso from Anadarko Petroleum.

Figaf Migration Tool

*Per ICO or Receiver Determination migrated


  • Migration to IFlows
  • Testing of the IFlows
  • Transport
Migrate from SAP PI/PO to SAP Cloud Integration (CPI) seamlessly.
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Figaf Testing Tool

Starting price monthly


  • Testing PI and CPI IFlows Test integration objects just with a few clicks
  • Mocking of services Test even if the services do not provide same data locally
  • Simple test case creation Create tests very easy
  • Unit test for Groovy For SAP CPI take a test run and create a runtime of your groovy scripts. Works best with the Git Integration
Create tests of your SAP CPI, SAP PI/PO. So you can ensure the quality.
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Figaf DevOps Suite

Starting price monthly


  • All 'Testing' features All features described under Figaf Testing Tool
  • All 'Alerting' features All features described under Figaf Alerting Tool
  • Change tracking Know which objects that have been changed
  • Transport and configuration Transport and configure channels and iFlows in the landscape from one central place
  • Git Integration Gives developer a Git repository to work on iFlows, Groovy and API proxies in one place
  • Documentation Create documentation of changes and integrations
  • Tickets for changes The ticket system in Figaf enables you to track all changes happening to the system
Manage a SAP CPI, SAP PI/PO or SAP API management system. One clear path to monitor and manage the systems.
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  • All DevOps
  • Secured testing Test your Confidential/GDPR related interfaces without giving tests access to data
  • More interfaces Test and manage more interfaces

Costumers about Figaf:

Convincing the development team to use the Figaf DevOps Tool was fairly easy because of it’s ease of use.

Pieter Atling, SAP Expert AkzoNobel

The tool is really great to help facilitate, save money and especially save so many hours. The figaf tool is the most holistic approach, and easy to get everything set up."

Pieter Mark Oshifeso, Anadarko Petroleum

Figaf covers the needs for the entire development process and is a (the only) software that allows you to automate the delivery of your SAP Integration.

Mark Lehmann, Olympus Europa

"The Figaf tool allows us to test our system in a simple way before upgrades. We saved a lot of time on our first upgrade project. It is user-friendly, which made it popular amongst our developers."

Jacob Roed, Integration Manager, Grundfos

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