Cost Savings and Benefits of SAP Integration

SAP Integration is a time intense and complex business. While it requires exceptional skills, there is much routine work involved as well. SAP developers and approvers have to spend a considerable amount of time with:

  • Writing tickets
  • Requesting transports
  • Handling transports
  • Writing documentation
  • Do testing and troubleshooting
  • Waiting time because of coordination and interruptions

You can run a quick estimate of the costs of integration based on transport handling – use the calculator below:


Save Time and Money

Typical ranges for cost and time savings caused by Integration Automation:

  • Save between 75% to 92% of the time with automated documentation 
  • Safe 50-75% of the time by doing transport and testing automated
  • Save up to 4.000 EUR per month in SAP licensing.
  • Avoid outrageous expensive system downtime 

Release better Software 

But Automation more is than just cost-saving – it comes with benefits like:

  • Accelerates release cycles and gain the freedom to drive business innovation
  • Lets SAP developers focus on coding instead of wasting time by writing documentation
  • Increases the stability of your system: Automation reduces human errors and results in better software.


To evaluate your individual situation please feel free to book a free SAP Integration Automation Workshop where we analyse your current situation and discuss solutions.