Book a free SAP Integration Workshop

In this free 60-90 min session, we are analyzing your current challenges concerning SAP integration and migration:
  • Your integration landscape
  • Your integration team
  • Integration and business challenges
Upon that analysis, we discuss solutions for your challenges based on our experience with SAP consulting and integration automation. And of course, we present you the relevant parts of the tool to get a feel for it. After that, you can decide whether this makes sense for you and your team.
In the workshop, we are covering some of these topics:
  • How to deliver integrations faster and in better quality?
  • What can be automated, and how is it different from other solutions?
  • How to increase developer productivity
  • Get documentation & governance automated
  • Effortless support and maintenance
  • The business case for your automation project
This workshop addresses SAP integration architects and decision-makers who are interested in integration automation. Our senior SAP integration expert will hold the workshop.