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Figaf Migration Tool

You need to keep your SAP PI system up to date and you need to upgrade or migrate to be able to support your systems. This also gives you access to the latest functionality which makes it easier for you to handle integration in your landscape.

As of 2021 the only platform supported from SAP is SAP PI/PO 7.5. Your system will not be supported if you have anything else but 7.5. Extended support is not possible. We have created blog posts regarding how to process your SAP PI/PO migration or upgrade.

Automation of the migration

Migrations is really a time consuming process. You need to ensure that everything is as it is currently. There should not be any impact of the change. Everything has to run as it has always done.
The Figaf Migration Tool automates the following:

  1. Copy and configuration in your landscape. This mean that you can migrate faster without having all the manual steps involved in the process. 
  2. Testing of the migrated interface. This way you are able to know what is being changed and know the impact of it

The tool allows you to run the migration much faster and cheaper and with much lower risk. After the migration you will be able to deliver SAP Integration much faster with the Figaf DevOps Tool.

Automation of testing

Testing is the most important part of a migration. The normal approach is to get some business users to handle the testing. It provides a good end to end testing. The biggest challenge is that it requires business to be involved in the process. This adds a bit of extra coordination and time to deliver the integration.
Manual tests are often not as complicated as the real-life scenarios and thereby you don’t get a full picture of if the integration works as it should. You therefore, need many automated test cases.

Easier to upgrade

Once you upgrade your system you need to ensure that nothing has changed on the platform. Our software makes it really simple to create test cases with your production data and then use them to test your system after the upgrade. That way you will be able to create test cases a lot faster than done normally.

Migrate your Seeburger Message Mappings

If you have Seeburger Message Mappings that you want to migrate to the B2B Add-on, then with the Seeburger Migration Tool, you have a one click conversion. It will save you a lot of time in the migration projects.

See more at Seeburger Migration Tool.

First-Ever SAP PI to CPI Migration Automation Tool Released

We have built a SAP PI to CPI Migration Tool on top of our existing Figaf Tool which already has the capabilities for managing and testing SAP PI and SAP CPI. The new tool provides access to all the SAP PI objects that SAP integration developers can use in the migration.

The created prototype can generate SAP CPI iFlows with the following elements from a SAP PI/PO ICO:

  • Multiply Receivers and conditions
  • Multiply Interfaces and conditions
  • Support for Message Mappings with External Definitions
  • Support for Function Libraries (with some limits)
  • Support for Channel conversion with templates and external properties

When used in the integration process, SAP PI to CPI Migration prototype helps to streamline different landscape types where you have many similar integrations. This makes business sense in EDI scenarios where you can migrate all your similarity mappings in the same way. And even if you have Seeburger message mappings, you do not need to worry because SAP PI to CPI Migration prototype can also handle it.

After completing the migration of the artifacts, the Figaf Tool goes ahead to simplify testing and transport changes to production. Figaf Tool can also help in the cases where you want to redesign your SAP Integration.

The Tool is currently available as a Beta Product and if you want to take part of the Beta Program and enjoy the perks then feel free to apply here.

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Here you find an introduction to Figaf Migration Tool. 

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Risk management

Your SAP PI/CPI important and you need to protect it to ensure your business processes are run successfully.

The software from Figaf helps you minimize the dependencies on individual developers by automising manual processes. The software furthermore helps you minimize risk of failure on your system.

Case studies

"By working in many large organizations I have met many challenges in regards to SAP Integration. Based on my experience, the software of Figaf has been developed. The software helps to make the processes run more smooth, minimize risks and save costs for the companies."

Daniel Graversen
SAP integration expert & founder of Figaf


If you need our assistance, our consultants are ready to help you. We can assist you on the Figaf software but also on other issues in regards to SAP integration. Our consultants are all specialised in working with SAP integration processes.

When we help companies with their SAP integration, we are aware that every organisation has their own set up and we always focus on meeting your specific demands.

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Two main groups of customers

We have two main groups of customers for our software – SAP customers and service integrators.

SAP customers

Many larger companies, organizations and the public sector have their own IT departments handling SAP Integration. They buy our software directly from us and if needed they get support from our consultants.

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Service integrators

Service integrators such as larger IT consultancies offer our software as a part of their solutions to their customers; companies, organizations and the public sector. They have our software as a part of their portfolio.

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With Figaf you ...

optimize your SAP Integration processes and business. Our software automates manual processes, saves you lots of time and minimize the risk of failure on your system.

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