PoC of the Figaf Tools in just 30 minutes

We know you time is vauable you shoudl be albe to see the benefit of a tool really fast. It just takes 30 minutes to get started with the tool and see how it can benefit your development process.

We have created two videos that shows you how to run a PoC of the tool that show you how to get started.

We have two deployment options on-prem and in our Cloud. It is really easy to get started with both.

In both PoCs we cover

  • Installation and configuration of agents
  • Creation of Test Cases so you can create your first test cases
  • Setting up a landscape
  • Transport of changes with test and configuration while moving to QA/Production

Once you have run the tool there are more advanced topics to cover to give you a better understanding of some topic in the process.

SAP CPI/Cloud Integration PoC

If you want to use our SAP CPI Cloud offering you can signup here. Notice at the moment it is just in Trial and we don’t offer an SLA on it. But it is good enough for trial


This installation offers and option to install the tool at your own PC. You can signup just by clicking “Try the Figaf DevOps Tools” on this page.

You can run on your laptop and in most cases use your development user.

SAP PI to CPI migration

We have created a guide on how to get started with the SAP PI to CPI migration tool. It does go a little faster to set up. See the guide here. Afterwards it is recommendable to see the CPI

Simplify your SAP Integration in under 10 minutes with Figaf DevOps Suite on Cloud.

No credit card is required. 30 days free trial.

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