Do you want to ease the process of migrating from Seeburger BIC to the B2B add-on?

The Figaf Seeburger Migration Tool (SMT) allows you to migrate your existing Seeburger BIC solution to a native B2B Add-on solution. It helps update your message mappings to use the new schemas created with the B2B Add-on. It makes your migration process a lot faster and have a reduced risk.


Automatic update of mappings no need to be involved in it


Making it a lot easier to validate the mapping is done correctly


Skip the repetitive tasks of a migration with automation

How to use?


Basic                                                                EUR 100/Mapping

  • Message Mapping Conversion
  • X12, EDIFACT, VDA, Tradacom, Odette

Basic and Testing                                       EUR 150/Mapping

  • Message Mapping Conversion
  • Testing EDI with Figaf IRT
  • Valid for the duration of your project

There are reseller or affiliate partner options. Write to to learn more.