2206: SAP PI to CPI migration report and support for datastore entries

In this release we added a couple of nice features which will make your life working with SAP Cloud Integration much easier. There have been a few improvements and bug fixes in the process related to our new Script Collection and Message Mapping Support but also to the testing so make it easier to run test cases.

SAP PI/PO to CPI migration overview report

We wanted to give a tool for the developers that are planning to start an SAP PI/PO to SAP Cloud Integration/CPI migration. We do have the tool that can simplify the migration process, but we also want to make it easier for you to plan the migration and understand your current landscape.

We have now added a report that can give you details about your current SAP PI/PO system to understand which patterns you need to support.

  • Channel types and modules used
  • Overview of systems in the landscape
  • Shows all configurations used
  • Which types of mappings are used for each interface?

Then it will give you an overview of which integrations you have migrated and are in production. This way you will be able to work smarter on your migration effort. We will probably increase the content of the report as we get input from customers on what they need.

You can see an example of the report here.

Data store entries

I had not used DataStore in my SAP CPI Development process. But it was quite a lot of people that used it but according to my LinkedIn Polls.

I can see some of the nice features of using Datastore because you can easily see the status in your CPI Dashboard. Even though you will need to extract and unzip payloads to work with them.

We have therefore decided to add them to the different areas of the application, so you can manage it much easier.

Here you can see an example of the message monitor where you can see all artifacts in the overview both MPL,  Persisted, and Data Store. This makes it a lot easier for you to manage the integration.

The Data store is supported in

  • Our testing framework is where you will be able to create test cases for persisted messages and see if they are also created the same way afterward. See the limitations below.
  • In our CPI Message Monitor, you can see the data here. It makes it easy to delegate the information to business users. They will still need to download the ZIP file
  • In our downloaded messages in EDI Message Monitor you will now be able to see the payloads for the IFlows you decide to keep in the monitor. This way you can keep the payload for a longer period of time.
  • Support tool will download Datastore also so you can use them while processing errors. That way you can have access to them easily.


  • For testing, we have identified some problems if you use dynamic names for your Data store. The tool will not be able to find a way to map between the old and new names. In the future, we may add it as a new feature.

Landscape report with package

In our landscape report now we have added packages to make it easier for you to find differences in packages and see how a specific package has been deployed.

Monitoring Transport

Once you import your SAP Integration transports we did not have a runtime log of the status. Now you can see what is going on and which steps take the longest time.

Add an option to clean up the IFlows create for testing

Figaf Tool creates an IFlows to be able to test different scenarios. It can be to Mock endpoints or to enable users to test adapters not supported by the tool to start sending messages. With this new release, you can delete all the IFlows created by the tool. Navigate to the Testing Tool > Integration Object and then select the More Button and Delete Test IFlows. This will delete all the IFlows create by the tool to support testing the select IFlows.

Compare object in transport with the previous version

If you imported a transport you can easily compare the result of the transport with the values before the transport. It saves some steps in the comparison results.

Next release

We have a number of nice improvements for the next release also. Probably some of them will be released as patches over the next few weeks.

  • Batch import of multiply transport into one transaction. This makes it much easier if you have large releases.
  • CSV report of your CPI Message Monitor to validate what is processed
  • Easier onboarding of SAP CPI agents

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