Figaf Installation and Learning Center

Learn about Figaf and quickly get started.

Use this page to learn more about Figaf SAP Integration Automation and how to get started. The below information will guide you through the process of installing and implementing Figaf in your environment. Moreover, beyond creating a Proof of Concept (PoC), utilize our available resources below to learn how use our software and optimize your SAP Integrations with Figaf.



You can access our full manual here. This will give you a detailed view of all of you need with Figaf.


It is easy to learn about Figaf and our products. We have a number of free resources that helps you learn and use the tool with ease.

More Information
Video course on Figaf

Installation (Proof of Concept – PoC)

There are 3 ways to explore Figaf. The one that works for you depends on your goal.

1) Local Computer Install
This is ideal for PoC or to perform a migration assessment.

Learn more here

2) SAP BTP Cloud Foundry
This is ideal to share in your team and perform SAP PI to Cloud Integration migrations. This is our recommended approach since it is often easy to get access to BTP credentials.

Learn more here

3) Figaf Cloud
This is ideal for evaluating your SAP Integration Suite setup.

Learn more here

Resources for Self-Installation
Read documentation
Visit download page
Open a support ticket

Book a Meeting

Either if you need assistance with your installation or want to discuss your current scenario, you can book a meeting with us.

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DevOps Suite Trial and Learning Center

Learn about Figaf and make a good decision

Use this page to learn more about Figaf SAP Integration Automation and get your trial started. The bellow steps guide you through the decision process. The best starting point is the the kick-off meeting where we evaluate your requirements, show you how to make the best out of Figaf and help you to set up the trial. Feel free to browse through some of the information bellow before you get started with the kick-off Meeting.

1. Kick-off Meeting

Learn how Figaf DevOps Suite can help with your specific use case. We help you set up the trial or show you the software based on your requirements. Last but not least, you might want to get an idea of costs and benefits of using the software. Sounds interesting? Get started and reserve your spot now.

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More Information
Business Case Example
Product Tour
Client Case Studies 

3. Trial Debriefing 

After the trial, we discuss the results and make the software work perfectly for you. We clarify your project’s technical, financial, and legal requirements and define the timing to get your project done successfully.

2. Trial / Proof of Concept

Based on the information from the meeting, we help you set up the trial quickly and give you some initial training on the software. However, there is also documentation available, including videos and a manual. To get you started quickly, we offer you a free trial setup.

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Resources for Self-Installation
Watch Video Course
Read documentation
Visit download page
Installation Guide

4. Get Started

After we agree on the details, we can process the order to make it happen. Soon after we receive the order from your purchasing department, you can start to use the system productively and enjoy the benefits of Figaf. Of course, training and support are part of the purchase, and as mentioned above, we can also customize the software to your needs.