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Extended list of features

On this site you will find explanations on the most important features of the Figaf DevOps Tool.


  • CPI Monitoring status of your instance
  • For CPI can transport individual iflows across your landscape
  • For PI handle CTS+ Transports and add them to a ticket, so you know what is transported in the process
  • Configuration of PI channels across the landscape, so developers do need access to the production system.
  • Control all configurations of iflows and PI channels in the landscape so once an object is transported the correct values will be used
  • Have an integrated tool that enables you to monitor the full interface development lifecycle
  • Test all the interfaces that are affected by a change in a message mapping or a user-defined function(UDF)
  • Validate transports to ensure that everything works, after transport have been imported
  • Speed up your change management procedures


  • Test coverage of SAP PI. We have added an option to support your SAP API management fully lifecycle
  • Track all development and changes in your landscape
  • Easily view all the differences between all object like message mappings or communication channels
  • Automatic documentation of changes, so you always know what is being changed
  • Logging the development changes on your system together with your Service Request, Tickets or Request For Change, so you get precise information and audit trail of changes on the system
  • Document the test performed in an Excel format that shows what is tested
  • Make documents that show the precise change history of all changes to an interface. No more out of data Word Documents without change history
  • SAP PI/PO Used message mapping
  • Features full API to give you access to run all requests
  • Webhooks to trigger information to send information to your ticket system


  • SAP has released the PIT tool to make a test on SAP PI/PO. You will be able to reuse your IRT test cases in the PIT tool
  • Use Figaf IRT to check out which message mappings you have test cases that cover
  • An automated approach to collect test data from the production system, so you can create all tests cases for your system
  • Support SAP PI/PO 7.31 – 7.5, Cloud Integration
  • Able to run without installation on the SAP PI/PO system using standard logging from SAP
  • For improved performance, testing options, a module can be installed that will make the testing faster and support more patterns
  • Testing all modules, routing, and mappings for all of your messages
  • Test both new development, upgrades and migration with one system
  • Comparing with the most used integration formats. XML, JSON, EDIFACT,X12,Text and Binar
  • Visual comparison of documents to easily find the changes between documents
  • Support document comparison of up to 100Mb
  • Dataanymization for XML messages so you can test with even the most sensitive data
  • Integration with your existing test scripts on increase testing of the interfaces

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  • Easy installation running on any PC with a native database
  • Run on Oracle, MSSQL, DB2, and the free PostgreSQL
  • Scale to be able to run in clusters for the most requiring test and comparisons
  • No installation required on the SAP PI system, to allow easy start
  • Simple start page that allow access to all your SAP Integration systems


  • Log Standard SAP PI/PO alerts so you know what has happened on your system
  • Setup custom filters for SAP CPI logging so you can log messages with error or message with specific receiver/sender information
  • Setup rules for each alert type to understand
  • Automate processing of alerts, so you can inform the business if master data is wrong for a Purchase Order, without involving the SAP 
  • ntegration in the process
  • Easy access to payloads from failed CPI messages, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time to find the relevant information

Case studies

"By working in many large organizations I have met many challenges in regards to SAP Integration. Based on my experience, the software of Figaf has been developed. The software helps to make the processes run more smooth, minimize risks and save costs for the companies."

Daniel Graversen
SAP integration expert & founder of Figaf

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