Challenging the use of ccBPM

Today I had a discussion with one of the pupils on teaching on how to create a scenario from SAP PI. From his initial description of the business process was something like, “get a idocs update database of the idocs update Send the stages documents to a receiving system and he did not have the idea of how you could use that rather using a ccBPM from a receiving platform there must be a simple approach rather than using a ccBPM platform one of the cons is that you will be set-up a weekly maintenance for this platform to work.

In some case it’s possible that you could create a same solution without BPM using simple tools like integrated configuration and adapt of modules something like this that will make it much easier to maintain afterwards will it take more time and effort and creating all the expense. So I said you need to find a solution without a BPM for this and then he was able come up with an idea and sending it to 3 recipients and after he consider it was as important if all the messages was delivered in that order. If we want to deliver it in the same order the solution would be to create a BPM and then send all the messages on the same system and then create ISO in the interface tab and select an order and it will resolve the issue and we will be able to create all the messages as they expected.

My learnings from this issue is that challenging the belief that there is only solution for a complex scenario, you always need to figure out what is the solution for that kind of scenario and analyzing the it would be beneficial.

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