Figaf DevOps Suite, Migration Edition: Special Sign Up Offer

Migrating to SAP Integration Suite is an arduous task that will require time and money.

I have a question for you: Do you want to save on both?

As part of our partnership with SAP, we developed the Migration Edition of the Figaf DevOps Suite which is an option for you to migrate a certain number of interfaces to Integration Suite and getting an opportunity to trial our SAP Integration DevOps software.

It’s a great offer but what if it can be better?

And here is a way it can be.

Limited to the first 10 organizations, we will offer more interfaces that can be migrated with Figaf for FREE if you help us out.

We want your experiences and stories to make us better and help us spread the word of the capabilities of Figaf.

What do you get with is offer?

With the Figaf Migration Edition as it is, you get 10 interfaces migrations.

However, if you meet the certain conditions, get automated migration and regression testing of up to 50 interfaces from SAP PO to SAP Cloud Integration/Integration Suite.

Beyond the original 10 free interface migrations, you can get another 40 interfaces migrations for FREE (which is valued at 5,000 Euros).

Yes, that’s right. That’s 50 interfaces migrated for FREE which is valued at 5,000 Euros.

We will get you started, help to get the systems ready for you to start your first few migrations.

What are the conditions?

It’s pretty simple actually.

Sign up for the Figaf DevOps Suite, Migration Edition

To get started, sign up for the free Figaf Migration Edition.

Provide feedback on the Migration and Test experience that we can share Figaf website and marketing material

  1. Set up and run 2 transports with our DevOps tool and share feedback
  2. Share your experience with migrating with Figaf
  3. Share your experience with testing your migration with Figaf
  4. Be a testimonial for our marketing

Submit proof of your experience with us via tickets at Each submission gives 10 extra ICOs

Commit to exercising this promotion by 1 January 2024.

Other Requirements

  • SAP PI/PO version 7.1-7.5
  • SAP BTP free tier or recommend via cloud credits, where you can run Figaf image
  • 1 SAP Integration Suite, Cloud Foundry or Neo configured and operational
  • SAP Cloud Connector for accessing SAP PI/PO

Need more help with the execution?

We will help you with limited support for getting started with the Figaf Migration Edition.

If you need help executing for the first migration, our consultants will be ready to help you execute the migration together with your team.

We can offer this additional assistance for 5,000 Euros.

If you have any questions, feel free send us a message or schedule a quick meeting to discuss further.

Simplify your SAP Integration in under 10 minutes with Figaf DevOps Suite on Cloud.

No credit card is required. 30 days free trial.

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