SAP Process Integration course

SAP Process Orchastration logoSAP has been working on Process Orchestration(PO) for the last couple of years. I can see more and more companies wanting to move that infrastructure to that instead of the dual stack  Process Integration(PI) system. The Process Orchestration have many advantages, but mostly performance and flexibility.

To help customers be able to migrate easily to PO, Figaf has created a new product. This product is about helping companies learning SAP PO. This is the first process orchestration course targeted at PI developers. They will be able to pick up the skills much faster, and use the platform optimally.

The product consist of videos, that show how to create the most basic patterns in process orchestration. This teaching how BPMN works and how to integrate it process integration. It also covers building blocks as mappings and gates.

The other part of the course is interviews with experts. I have interviewed different experts, who have been using PO for appeared of time. This has given some good tips, on what other people have been using. It is therefore easy for students to learn from their advice, so they don’t have to make the mistakes themselves.

I’m thrilled that this product is now on the market, and I’m looking forward to see what all the customers will say around it. You can check out the costs under that

You can check out the cost and the content on the website If it is something for you and if it will help your company.

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