What SAP PI/PO scenarios cannot be migrated with Figaf

Migration from SAP PI/PO to Integration Suite is something most SAP PI/PO Customers are considering. How to make an effective migration process. Tools can speed up the migration process.

If often get the question. “So Daniel, what works and what does not work with your migration Tool.” In this post I’ll try to highlight some of the things you that can cause problems and you need to check.

The tool will beside migrate your integration also speedup the rest of the migration by providing a testing service and give you an overview of your migration. It is recommended to start with the Figaf migration edition as it is free for 12 months then you can try the migration tool and experience how it speeds up your process.

As of April 2023 (We will update this post with new information)

What works:

  • Flow
    • Flow is generated based on Receiver and Interface split. Each interface with mapping flow will get its own localprocess to work with. Conditions is handled.
    • JMS retry can be added automatically to handle processes
    • Messages only send to JMS if it fails in the sending part. This can be adjusted in the error handling script.
    • You can update and add the custom error handling
  • Message Mappings
    • Message Mappings are migrated and linked to WSDLs, XSD or IDOCs
    • Mapping with internal UDFs is migrated
    • Function Libraries are converted to groovy scripts
    • RFC functions is migrated as empty groovy script easy to fill in the code
    • Parameters of constant is mapped to into the iFlow
    • Support for multi mappings and split of the payloads after processing
    • It is possible to map using the B2B Mapping Kit with some additions
  • Other Mappings
    • XSLTs are mapped though PI Java functions is not validated
    • Java mappings are converted as empty Groovy scripts
  • Channels migration
    • It is possible to create your own mapping between SAP PI/PO channels and Cloud Integration.
    • You can add your own mappings or use some of the templates.
  • Migration target Cloud Integration
    • Neo
    • CF
    • Integration Suite

What is manual/not supported for now:

  • Flows does not support Operations and Receiver Rules object
  • Retry does not support datastore or shared JMS, but it is simple to implement.
  • Function Libraries
    • Convert container to use MappingContext instead of Container from PI which is two different functions.
    • Dynamic Attributes handling in mappings
    • Advanced with full queue is not support
    • Mappings with bindlings (in progress)
    • With imported archives
  • ABAP Mappings/XSL is not supported
  • Java mappings are not migrated
  • B2B setup needs to be improved to integrate with TPM and the structure of the mapping may need to change, which is possible.
  • Modules are not supported
  • XML to CSV/CSV to XML migration is not supported
  • Channels should be supported by Cloud Integration and accept the same payload. If it differs the interface should be changed and testing cannot be used. You can map IDOC/Proxy sender to ProcessDirect and then have a separate flow to handle the processing and distribution.
  • We need use the adapters form SAP or partners to be able to work with it, we dont provide our own adapters.

Some of the steps highlighted above will be possible to we will be able to support other will not be possible.

Note: There are for sure more scenarios that we do not support today and we don’t have any knowledge about.

If you have any questions use the chat function and leave your email so we can get back to you. I would always recommend to get try the 10 migrations you can get from the tool to see if the tool speeds up your migration. And you can always have a mixed approach with Figaf, SAP and manual redevelopment.

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