2202 Release: See transport information in Version History

We have released our February version release. It is not the biggest release we have created but it is something to help out in a few key areas.

SAP Cloud Integrations

With imported SAP Cloud Integration If-and value mappings, you can see information about why the given artifact has been imported. This will give you more transparency to find what has changed all the way from Cloud Integration to the Jira or Service Now ticket.

Screenshot of new feature of release: Seeing transport information in version history

SAP BTP improvements 

One of our goals has been to improve the SAP BTP deployment of our the Figaf DevOps Suite. It is something that we will enable to make it easier for customers to run the Figaf DevOps Suite.  Also, you can start the application in just 15 minutes. This will enable customers to use the setup to handle their migration process all from the BTP deployment.

We have now finished this part of our SAP BTP journey for now since it should support all requirements.

Below are some of the new features with this release:

  • Users can now be assigned via SAP’s user management which simplifies your user access
  • It is possible to use Mock Services
  • Connection to SAP PI/PO systems using Cloud Connector
  • Using Git repository to handle SAP PI to CPI Migrations.
  • Emails from SAP Users now work for approvals

We recommend the the On-premise version of the Figaf DevOps Suite to handle your SAP PI/PO system due to some continued limitations of functionality via Cloud Connector.


With the release, we have made improvements to the SAP PI transport process. It is now possible to merge one ICO into another ICO and keep the combined conditions.  This is really helpful in a S/4 HANA migration where you want to move two systems into one and still have the same conditions.

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