2204.2 Mocking of SAP CPI IFlows

I have oversold our product.

I had said we could support all types of mocking scenarios in SAP Cloud Integration (CPI) IFlows. That means for you in instances called SuccessFactors with Create employee with the same data would get an error telling you the employee already exists. You would therefore not be able to test the rest of the IFlow.

If you would easily mock given IFlows endpoints then you would be able to process this even after the call out to the service.

But creating mocking services is really difficult and you would spend a lot of time creating them correctly. That is why we have added the function to the Figaf DevOps Suite. So if you have a recording of an SAP Cloud Integration IFlow then it can mock all the endpoints with the Figaf DevOps Suite.

The following would happen automatically:

  • A new IFlow is created. But the original requests will be changed to call Figaf Suite with some IFlow property
  • The Figaf DevOps Suite will provide APIs to expose the data back to the IFlow so headers and payload were updated to support the new setting
  • If the original IFlow is updated the Mocked IFlow will also be updated.

We only handled it for Request-Reply which is used in 80-90% of test cases. Here is where I probably had oversold. The client was then using a send step in the IFlow they tested. We, therefore, had to improve the mocking capabilities, so we added support for all types that currently exist. So you can mock all the services that currently exist.

This is a part of our 2204.2 release that is available now. Just signup for the Figaf DevOps Suite and start using it.

For example, here we have an original IFlow with all the different request types:

Example of an IFlow with all the different request types

If we create the test cases with mocking the following IFlow, this will be automatically created:

As you can see all requests is then changed to call Figaf using a “Request-Reply” instead of the original request.

This really simplifies the creation of test cases for clients to make it much simpler to create test cases. Just set a checkmark in the testing option. If the IFlows is updated Figaf will automatically update the mocked IFlow.


We should be more clear on the limits of the tool. These are some of the broader scenarios we currently do not support for our testing.

  • For Content Enricher it removed most of its headers after the call. With our mocking service, we cannot remove headers. It could be fixed by adding a remove headers content modifier or just later ignoring the properties in the test case
  • Figaf only supports changing of headers and payload, Exchange properties are not supported
  • Datastore and variables are not part of the mocking and can cause some problems if not reset outside Figaf Tool

Other Test improvements

In this release, we have also added a few extra options like being able to support Multicast split and better processes of rules.

You can easily get started with the setup using the Figaf DevOps Tool to handle your SAP CPI testing and also support your integration. Click at the button below to signup.

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