2208.1 Release: Better SAP Cloud Integration Testing

We have crated a new version patch release. This adds many usability improvements, making it easier to manage the tool.

  • On the ticket page you can now see the Jira or Service Now number in ticket overview and export. This makes it easier to view find the changes for something that have gone on.
  • Git connectivity test to see if it works correct for both your SAP Cloud Integration and API management repositories.
  • Improve manual test case creation for SAP PI/PO

SAP Cloud Integration/CPI testing  

When selecting different steps to include or exclude in a test case creation you can use a graphical model to select where to handle the steps. This makes it much easier to select the steps that you want to validate and check

 This is also used for taking SAP PI test cases and run them on SAP Cloud Integration

Improve the mocking of SAP IFlows when testing. A customer was facing a challenge that there calling the same local sub process multiply times in succession. We do use the multicast and split index, it it was not enough in this case.  We did not have a way to determinate what message we return. Now we added a counter so it would server first message, and then on the next request message number 2. This should solve the customers problem making it more roust to test to support yet other challenge with the mocked responses.

In the next release we will be adding some more audit logging to make sure users will this is going on and making it easier to understand other types of request going on.

SAP PI to CPI migrations  

In this we have resolved challenges about migration PI to CPI that our customers have faced, when the performed some migrations. We added support for WSDL in External Definitions.

You can now name your migrated IFlow with spaces. The tool will then convert the name into a technical name and use that for the integration. On the migration page we have now added a synchronize button, you can press this once you have made modification in the IFlow and what to update the Figaf model before creating test cases.

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