2208 Release: Improvements to functionalities

We have just released our August release. It is not the largest release with new features. However, we have spent the time over the summer making some of our current functionalities work better.

There are lots of usability features to make it easier to manage the integration and run the testing. We wanted to make it easier for customers to use the tool. There have been many navigation improvements. We have tried to look at the different test cases coming up and tried to understand what is going on behind the scene.

Functionality Improvements

Migration report has been improved with message processing statistics. This will make it easier for you to plan your migration project by understanding which integrations are active.  

Also, Git repository now separates objects with the same name into different objects, so you can have an IFlow and a script collection named the same. There is a migration for this to ensure it works after the migration.

We have also worked on speeding up SAP Cloud Integration testing, so you will be able to test your integration faster.

So it is not one of the releases that contains new killer features but it does make it much easier for you to use Figaf, so we will recommend that you upgrade.

Future directions 

One of the big tasks we are working on is to improve SAP PI to SAP CPI/Cloud Integration testing. After our first few customers have tried the tool we did get some homework we could use to improve the process. Hopefully you will see this in 2209 where it will be much easier to understand what is going on with creation of test cases.

And we have bits and pieces where we would love to improve the app. So stay tuned.

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