2209 Release: Better SAP PI to CPI Testing

Today we are releasing our September release. One of the goals we have been working on with this release is to simplify customers’ journey when migrating from SAP PI/PO to SAP Cloud Integration. We are adding improvements to the process to simplify the testing process because it is a huge part of the migration effort.

SAP Integration Testing 

Based on the customer experiences that, we have covered Improved SAP PI/PO and Cloud Integration testing. We have improved the way we will make it possible to fetch messages from the system and inform about what is going on with changes.

This is a part of our ability to make it faster to fetch SAP PI/PO test cases and run them on SAP Cloud Integration for migration purposes.

The improvements include:

  • Refactored and improved the algorithms for calculating what data to fetch test data for both platforms to improve speed and reliability.
  • Be able to switch between using modules in the module or ICOs once you record the test case
  • More information about what is going on when creating a test case
  • Be able to select specific user data
  • Use BPMN diagram to select which steps to record or exclude, and also when performing migration of PI to CPI test data
Here you can select which SAP PI messages you want to use for your recording
See how you can use the tool to create testcases from SAP PI and run them in Cloud Integration

Integration with Jira, Service Now or other platforms

A large requirement has been to figure out how to integrate the usage of Figaf more into the transport processes. It could be integrated with Jira, Service Now or Azure DevOps.

With the new webhooks, it will be possible to send requests each time a ticket or a transport changes state. Like it is ready to approval or its import is completed.

You can define which webhooks you want to send for each event. Once you define the landscape, you can set it up for each process

Then you can send the events to Cloud Integration and use it to update your Jira according to your process.

We could have built native integration with some of the platforms, but I think there are a lot of different processes taking place, making it really difficult to make a global coverage of it. Maybe we can improve the functionality when we learn more from our customers.


There is a large list of other recent features that has been added to the tool.

  • Test Git connection when performing tests on agents with git
  • XML beautifier for different Payloads to simplify viewing. We found that we spent too much time on debugging to move to other places to beautify the document
  • In the EDI monitor, you can now also select to fetch CustomHeaders and view them. This enables you to persist them for a longer duration really easily.
  • PI to CPI migration improvement to support more cases for automatic migration
  • License improvements to make it easier to understand user journeys too we can optimize how
  • Cron’s job is to clean Audit messages
  • On the Ticket page, see the different external IDs (Jira etc), making it easier to search for.
  • Many bugs fixes to make life easier

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