2312 Release: Version of MIGs and PI to CPI migration

This release contains a number of super useful features to make yourlife as an integration developer easier.

If you use the alerting/support tool please upgrade to this release since we have improved a number cases that use to bring problems when working with different use cases. We found the cases using the glowroot that we added in 2311, which gives good overview of what is going on in the system.

Also some improvements around our new Dark mode, where the text sometimes was unreadable. Hopefully we have found most of them if not report a bug.

Message Implementation Guidelines (MIG)

As a part of the goal to make an improved B2B solution we have stepped into supporting the MIGs. They are a natural part of the B2B solution. You can now see versions of the MIGs and what the differences between two objects are.

We did face an issue with this around the fact you can have Active, Draft and then delete the versions. We have resolved all the cases around this setup.

They will also be linked to the Tradding partner Agreements so you can see what is used where.

We also have a feature to select all segments and fields but this will most likely make it into the next patch. This is really useful when working with migration of messages mappings for B2B scenarios

MAGs is currently not in our roadmap since we are more focus on migrating SAP PI/PO MessageMappings to Integration Suite.

Iflow linking via Process Direct and JMS 

In may iflows you will have links via Process Direct or JMS. In this release you can select an iflow and then you can see the relationships to it. This makes it easier to see the different paths. It will not be able to see the cases where iflows are linked via Simple Expressions.

And here you can see the link to the Trading Partner Agreement where the Process Direct is used.

PI to Cloud Integration

  • We started to be involved in a new PI to Integration Suite migration project. Here we found our report gave a good view over what was performed last. We have now added information about how migrated the iflow and when it was last update. I think this will give you a better way overview over the teams performance. You can also see this information in the report to get better information.
  • Improved ordering of elements in the first migration. This will enable you to create test cases
  • Support for SOAP-XI adapter in the setup both for Sender and Receiver. Probably you will need to be using a Dispatcher flow for the Sender side to make the setup easier in SAP.
  • To support the SOAP-XI we have improve the template generation to give some more paramters that can be used to set correct properties for the adateer and also give you and option to choose is it is a request reply or a send step you will need.
  • Use CP operator in Xpath in routing conditions
  • Not give a warning if Figaf Retry script is deployed

Other areas 

We have also moved our BTP deployment files to a git repository to make it easier to version the objects. We have been updating the parameters 3 times in the last year to support different cases.

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