2402.1 Release Patch: Better SAP PI Migrations

We had to release a patch. It does contain some excellent improvements for SAP PI to Integration Suite migration.

PI to Cloud Integration Migration

  • Support for SFTP Sender and Receiver adapter in migration
  • Add tenant name to iFlows. In SAP PI we would often call the property System.getProperty(“SAPSYSTEMNAME”); and use it for some value mapping.   Saurabh Kabra shared that there where some variables that could be used. With some trial I found it could be set in the iFlow with just a small change in the content modifier.
  • For Local Functions that is extracted from a message mapping you can now see that it is not used. This way it is much easier to delete. My guess is that 60% of your local functions are never used. 
  • When you  migrate a Function Library or Local Functions you will get the description with in to the code. That will make it easier if there is something that you are using.

Bug Fixes

  • If you have transport and iFlow from Neo to Integration Suite and renamed in the transport.
  • Migration fixed missing links in XSD migration where a customer had reported a problem

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