Announcing the SAP Process Integration survey 2010

During the last month I have been working on creating the SAP PI documentation survey. It is finally done.

Thanks for all the user data provided. It was real interesting to get all the information and be able to compile it together. Now I have a much better insight in how other developers use documentation in the PI. I’m happy to be able to share it with you.

The survey can be downloaded for free on the website

I do look forward to present the content at the SAP Teched session PMC233 in Las Vegas. I’ll come with more information later regarding the presentation.


Figaf has performed a survey regarding how people document their SAP Process Integration (PI) or Exchange Infrastructure (XI) interfaces. Sixty people were surveyed with an average of 4.5 years of experience.

The good news is that 49% found that the process of creating documentation made them learn something new. Also, 92% found that the documentation was valuable. Documentation is either based on an interface or a scenario. There was approximately 50% for each type.

Documentation is mostly used by developers and supporters, but it also used by many other types of users. The documentation is most often used for learning about the interface and to signal changes in the project phase.

It was suggested that people needed a new template for creating templates. Also a large number requested an automatic tool for documenting SAP PI.


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