Automation of SAP PI/PO Transport Processes

17 March 2021 we hosted the webinar about how to automate your SAP PI/PO transports. 

There are a lot of customers where SAP PI/PO is the primary way of handling all their SAP Integration for the next foreseeable future. So you will need to find a good way to handle it so you can deliver SAP Integration.

You can just move your changes to production. It worked okay back in the days. But not really the way a big company should be operating. 

There should be much more control over which developments are moved to QA or production. It can be challenging to process it manually because you need a lot of copy-paste, which does not add a lot of value. 

In the webinar, we cover the following things. 

  • What a good Governance process should look like. 
  • How much time you need to spend on it
  • And Why automation of the process makes sense
  • Then you will see how the Figaf Tool can handle the automation

I will also show how a transport process would look like and what details you will have once it is completed. There you can automate all the steps

  • Documenting the transport
  • Approval with full information
  • Testing of a change
  • Configuration of Channels in the landscape
  • Transports

You can see the replay here

You can see the full presentation here

Now it is your turn to try

There are the following resources so see the getting started guide see this blog. There is a 30-minute guide on how to get started with the SAP PI/PO process here

Need More information

If the tool seems interesting then and new things if you need to get to in the contract you can book a 30-minute session here.

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