Can you remove Figaf?

Before you take any decision about getting a new product you need to get consider how you can get away from it.  If you decide to build your finance process on top of a application you need a lot of effort to implement and remove the product from your organization. You will therefore need to be sure it is correct.

With Figaf you can easily implement and get away from the solution if it does not provide value. You can phase in Figaf for different use cases.

At Figaf we make software that make your SAP Integration Developers much more productive and enables them to deliver integration faster. We believe it is something that will make your developers more productive and improve the quality of the work. This will lead to cost savings in building your integration.

We sell our software on a yearly subscription that you can cancel if you dont find the right value of the tool.

What is the sunk cost?

I cancel Figaf your integration will keep working as it always has. There is no lock in on the deployed artifacts.

Get your data

Figaf does produce up to 15 different reports and documents. You can export this and use as documentation on what you have delivered so far with the tool.

Remove Figaf iFlows

Figaf is adding some iFlow to the platform to be able to test your integration. You can easily un-deploy and remove them. In the Figaf tool there is a button to remove the testing iFlows.

Your processes

Depending on your usage of Figaf it will be a dependency on what you have implemented.

  • Transport using SAP tools or open source process
  • Testing using some other framework
  • Monitoring framework
  • Development setup incl Git

You would already now have processes for these steps so it is not impossible.

Integration with Figaf

If you have interfaces where Figaf is used in your delivery process connecting to Jira, Service Now or something else. It is one of the things we normally delay in the implementation because the manual process of adding a Jira in your ticket is pretty simple. If you have built some integration they will need to be removed.

Is that it?

That is all you can continue using the with your SAP Integration without having any Figaf components in place. We appreciate that you have been evaluating Figaf tool. We hope you will be back later.

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