Casestory: Using Figaf IRT in a migration project

So, in March 2018 I had the pleasure of having Pieter Atling on the Integration Podcast. Pieter is working on AkzoNobel, where he in his role as a test manager worked with SAP PI/PO and has executed several kinds of testing including regression testing. At the beginning of the project, Pieter was asked to find a tool that could handle some automated testing. He found out that the Figaf Integration Regression Tool was a great solution for AkzoNobel.  I haven´t had the resources to go deeper into the interview before now, but I do think it is interesting because Pieter Atling has some great insights from a customer point of view.

AkzoNobel works all over the world. Stock image.

The tool helps you during a migration project

Pieter thinks that the IRT was a great help during the migration project:

With help of the IRT tool we found several issues, small issues on field level, fx namespaces were different,
the lookout was not working, something had not migrated correctly. Developers forgot to deploy something. By looking at that, the tool helps you during a
migration project“, he says.

It improves the quality

Pieter also thinks that the IRT has made testing a lot easier:

Now we are at a stage with approx 500 test cases running in the IRT tooling,
we run the complete test cases over test systems during the night, we can schedule how late
we will run this. So when I come to the office in the morning, I found a report in my mailbox
telling me about the system. This is good, it improves the quality“, he says and continues:

With the IRT tool, we make sure, that the deployment process between the test system and the quality assurance system
has been done correctly. This ensures, that we do not forget any objects.”

Here you can find the podcast: Testing SAP PI/PO at AkzoNobel.

Many improvements on IRT

As you can see Pieter Atling had great success using the tool. Since the interview, we have made many improvements to the Integration Regression Tool, so I should be even easier to use today.


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