Classical or Receiver Determination Migration

This post is part of a blog series that attempts to cover majority of your migration to SAP Integration Suite as a topic.

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If you have some of the classical dual stack objects or the Receiver Determinations. Figaf is the only tool that enables you to migrate those cases at the moment. There is not a need to migrate to ICO.

It works the same ways as for the ICO migration. See it here (Link to previous post). Maybe there are some limitations that are currently not supported, but do explore to see what is possible.  In general, the flows for the two messages are the same and the logic also works the same way.

If we want to migrate the following Recevier Determination with all the required artifacts it is the same process as for ICO.

Then select it from the overview page.

Check the resulting mapping and if it looks okay perform the migration.

If everything is ready, just migrate it.

You will be able to migrate the mappings and function libraries with the same kind of changes as other cases. We do not support ABAP or ABAP-XSLT migration. This is parts you need to implement your self.

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