Cloud Integration will be upgraded to Camel 3.14

I just got a note that our Neo tenants will be updated to Apache Camel 3.14. This is because we have some custom adapter development on our Neo tenants. I would imagine that this will also impact Cloud Foundry/Integration Suite. And I’m also surprised that the Neo will get this update. 

Update Oct 2023: It seems like the Integration Suite is also getting this information now. So if you have custom adapters ask for a trial tenant and upgrade your adapters. 

Update Feb 2024: The Camel has not been applied. As I understand probably some problems that has postponed the update. During the Integration Suite update in January it sounded like the update will be applied in Q2 2024. 

Part of the mail with the updated Camel

Currently, SAP is running 2.24 according to CPITracker, or in the email, it lists 2.14. 2.24 is from 2019 so it is quite old.

You can see the help page is already online.

It is exciting that the version will be upgraded and hopefully give Cloud Integration better performance and hopefully some new features.

Terms for accepting the test tenant

Once you get the tenant started you can try test the migration. Here I show you how easy it is to create an run tests with Figaf.

Why Camel 3.14

According to the documentation is Camel 3.14 the last Long Term Support of Java 8. So moving to a newer version will have a huge impact because it will require updating other components and breaking the possibility of running on SAP PI/PO. I’m not sure if this also will mean you need to upgrade your PI system to support the cases.

Once Edge Integration Cell becomes GA in the next few months, upgrading the Java and Camel versions will be possible. Though probably not before 2025 to ensure customers get enough time to move versions.

What SAP will enable is interesting. It seems like it will have lower memory usage and more components that can be switched on. And it is a more modulized setup. 

If you have the old OEM adapters from Advantco, then they will most likely not work anymore. So you will need to migrate before this date or purchase their new adapters.



SAP will be testing the change will be minimal for their upgrade. There will be some impact of the adapters as stated in the email that you will need to test.

I don’t know what the impact of the changes will be in terms of your integration. If you are using some low-level APIs, then it could have an impact and will require you to change the setup. There could also be potential problems with some ways of processing and how the adapters will react.

I recommend setting up 25% of your iflows as test cases to ensure they perform normally. Then request the test tenant and perform you test on it. If you want to speed up the test then getting Figaf to help test the upgrades with will simplify the testing. I’m though biased, and I have no idea of the impact. Having a good automated test will enable you to document the changes with SAP before the upgrade giving you or SAP time to resolve the differences.

If you want to be testing this upgrade. You can use our Free migration edition since it will give you two months of Cloud Integration Testing as a trial. This will give you time to test the impact on your own data.




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