Creating a small software vendor in the SAP space

I have been passionate about SAP ever since I started with working with SAP PI for 6 years ago. I had a lot of good ideas for small add-ons to SAP Process Integration (PI). Some of the ideas could be possible and was deployed at customer’s site. At where I worked we made a few tools or add-ons we were able to use on project. Some was released as open source like Detroubulator or my documentation tool. It was not possible to start with selling and supporting them. I think other developers or even business people have ideas to smaller enhancements of the SAP platform that could give customers a better view of what is going on.

Most of the products we created at Applicon, was more like accelerators used to get a client or help the client with a particular job. It gave some consulting time to work on implementing the applications. The cost of selling the applications was too high compared to the possible revenues from them. It would take a long time to make sure the product is tested and ready to large scale deployment. So it was easier to get consultant fees for developing on the product.

This meant that a lot of customers and consultants have spent a lot of time developing the same types of solutions. For consultants it has been a good business, but could they have made more if they were able to advertise and sell their small accelerators globally. Customers have spent a lot of time on developing add-ons to their needs, instead of getting an accelerator or a product that somebody else have made.

Now there is the Ecohub, which seems like a great place to make sure that all your products can be seen. I may not have understood the terms of the Ecohub. The way I understand Ecohub is that the product should SAP certified. I think the requirement of the certification is a really good idea, to make sure there is a level of quality in the products.

I’m currently working on developing an add-on to SAP PI to help make things easier to maintain. I’m a small company and I don’t have the capital (at the moment) to get my software certified. I’m hoping that it will be possible to go thru the process, when I have started to make money on my product. For the moment I’ll have to rely on other sources of marketing and traffic. Luckily I hope that it is possible in todays world. I’m really looking forward to start opening for customers and start adding value to them.

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Do you know any know about any small companies that have success in the development of small products?

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