December Launch Event: Improve your SAP PI/PO processes in 2022

We had a great turnout and participation at our December Launch event. We showcased the improved SAP Process Integration/Process Orchestration management feature of the Figaf DevOps Suite. Here is an brief overview of what was discussed at our Launch Event (15th December). Also, you can re-watch our Launch Event below.

This new release includes some of the biggest improvements to the Figaf DevOps Suite which includes the SAP PI/PO management feature. The new release required over 1500 hours of development time to simplify operations for your next process integration. Also, a major client is already enjoying better business outcomes with the use of our PI/PO management feature.

This major client automated their configuration of channels during transport. Moreover, their governance was simplified with removing the need of Excel/Word documents.

It makes sense to continue using SAP Process Integration going forward

While SAP Cloud Integration is a great platform for handling integrations and we do have a product that will automate that migration but there are limitations to that platform including governance, separation of configurations and deployments and monitoring. For organizations that have 500+ integrations, the SAP Cloud Integration is not the ideal platform (yet).

What areas these improvements impact the most?


Previously, most governance entailed sending word/excel documents back and forth as a form of documentation when changes have been made. With our products at Figaf, we have automated different aspects of governance including the configuration of channels during transports.

Moreover, all changes creates an audit trail and everything is connected to a change. It is also possible to have your change management through a integration with Jira or Service Now. Testing of integrations is possible during delivery and overall all changes are transparent.


Handling transports with CTS+ is perfectly good and you can integrate well with the rest of the SAP landscape however it can be difficult to find any changes to objects. Furthermore, it’s possible to compare different versions of objects in your transport. However, you still have to manually document the changes in the transport. Plus, after any import you will have a manual task with configurations.


We have simplified and accelerated the development process which will lower your costs across the board including deployment costs. Moreover, you will notice operational improvements as you will see no difference in your system and the Excel files for your transports. Moreover, when you use the SAP PI/PO management feature, you will quickly operate and configure the integration plus you remove a lot of the manual steps in your development.

The greatest impact with our improved SAP PI/PO management feature will be your mood as with better governance, transport and development you will be a happier SAP professional.

If you want to discuss how our management feature can help with your large and/or complex SAP PI/PO processes, then book a meeting with us here.

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