DevOps for SAP CPI with Figaf DevOps Tool webinar replay

We hosted a webinar with the topic of how you could get to use DevOps for SAP CPI and API management.

The presentation is almost exclusive done via demostrations showing that it is possible to deliver and test your SAP CPI iflows.

The reason why this is interesting for you is that it gives the flexibity to release integrations faster, without having to create all the manual paperwork required for any type of SAP Integration.

We covers the following in the presentatin:

  • Git integration and how it can improve your Groovy development
  • Testing of iflows with the build in tool
  • Version of objects
  • Tracking of changes
  • Configuration of iflows
  • Transport of the iflows

You can see the full replay here:

The reason why we could not open the configuration, has been identified. It was because we recently changed the transport settings, so it will be fixed in next release.

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